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  • Funniest thing I've read lately

    by Tangie | 13th of November, 2008

    Here is something someone in my office was kind enough to give me to read today. He told me that I should read it as it is connected to what I do and it will help me improve my customer service skills. I must admit, it surely made an impression. I laughed a lot. It is... More
  • Kids say the darndest things

    by Callearlisa | 1st of May, 2017

    We had 3 of our Grandchildren for the weekend. I had decided to make Hot chocolate. I threw in small colored Marshmellows , So I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of the yumminess. My Grandaughter came into the kitchen and says " You are not taking... More
  • The Earth laughs in flowers

    by Jimmytst | 17th of September, 2015

    While I was looking at pictures of flowers, I was reminded of Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote: 'The Earth laughs in flowers.' The Earth is tickled pink.      The Earth blushes in red.      The Earth shines in yellow.      The Earth smiles in orange.... More
  • As if I care :-)

    by Dprogers | 11th of July, 2013

    So in the next few days I'll be in the beautiful land of Tonga. Taking photos and not giving a care for those who live in their own little world, making their own little misguided rules in their own dreary little jobs - nowhere people in nowhere land - as the Beatles... More
  • Photographer's joke :-)

    by Anadg77 | 15th of February, 2011

    A photographer from a well know national magazine was assigned to cover the fires at Yellowstone National Park. The magazine wanted to show some of the heroic work of the fire fighters as they battled the blaze. When the photographer arrived, he realized that the smoke was... More
  • I am strongly amazed! :)

    by Vpvhunter | 2nd of February, 2011

    Today tried to pass examination on iS in 7 times! Also hasn't passed! I can not understand, than my works from presented on iS are worse. Met works very awful. Really it is impossible to choose 3 approaching from my small portfolio?! Feelings overflow, I do not know, to cry... More
  • Sit back, relax ... well you know the drill ... new joke!

    by Imaengine | 23rd of August, 2010

    Two photographers were chatting at the camera club... First Photographer: I saw a terrible sight the other day, a beggar was sitting on the steps of a church, wasted with hunger and his clothes all ragged and torn. He was holding out his hands, pleading for a few coins.... More
  • 2nd joke 4 2day - Be careful with your accent!!!

    by Imaengine | 24th of June, 2010

    I was not sure about sharing this one but since I got good reactions to the first joke I'll let you have it (warning: minors should not read this material!!): Two new models are waiting as the photographer gets his equipment ready. One model says to the other,"What is he... More
  • Sit back, relax and have a good laugh!

    by Imaengine | 24th of June, 2010

    Though it's not my intention to steal Enrique's job of telling a good joke, his blogs led me into cruising the internet for jokes with and about photographers since I did not know any. So ... I've decided to share one with you (it's along one so get comfortable): The Jones... More
  • So you liked the jokes? Here there are 3 more...

    by Egomezta | 22nd of June, 2010

    For those that have asked me for more jokes here there are 3 quick ones that I found. 1.- A photographer gets invited to a friends house to have dinner. He brings some new photographs with him to show his host. The host looks at the photographs and exclaims, "These... More
  • Happy 1st of April)))

    by Kaththea | 1st of April, 2010

    The city I live in – Odessa – is considered by Ukrainians and its inhabitants a capital of humour. I don’t know whether it’s Odessa’s warm climate (the city is located on the cost of the Black Sea), or there’s just something in the air, but people here are very... More
  • Illustrated Jokes Blog

    by Elianehaykal | 6th of November, 2009

    Another blog gave me this idea.. Everyone should post a funny joke and illustrate it with a photo from his/her portfolio. CONDITIONS 1- Only 1 photo per poster. 2- Jokes have to be clean & inoffensive to others as I don't want this blog to be closed! 3- You... More
  • laughing your way to the bank

    by Tan510jomast | 3rd of November, 2009

    funny face ! that's one of my all time favourite movies of my eternal favourite model and movie star , Audrey Hepburn. i am a funny dude but nature. i was not like that all my life. when i was a teenager, i was the most unpleasant person you wish you'd never have met.... More
  • :)

    by Keki | 2nd of November, 2009

    What did Sushi A ask Sushi B? WASSSSSAAAABI!? thought I'd share a smile and a laugh :) good day to all :) keks See Article
  • My model

    by Crazyufo | 30th of May, 2008

    I, is his model. Probably all the women want to be the most beautiful people in the world, but I am not beautiful in fact, and also did not like makeup, so … Actually, I think every people just have wearing cleanly and neatly , that’s enough. I love laugh, especially... More

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