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  • Priceless

    by Dmccale | 26th of November, 2009

    Grocery store $121.00 Take out breakfast at McDonald's $25.95 Having a family Thanksgiving dinner with family PRICELESS!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all.Hope everyone ate a lot!!! LOL I DID More
  • Today is my birthday, what a coincidence!

    by Billysiew | 20th of November, 2009

    Today is my birthday. I have 3 sales and the images order are: The two ribbons on left and right represent the birthday gifts and the middle one represent the birthday blessing (virtually shake hand) from my friends through the internet(i.e facebook). Somemore, I... More
  • Stock photography proves to be fickle and addictive!

    by Vanessagifford | 21st of May, 2009

    Well, in all of my research about stock photography I have found that it is a hit and miss kind of experience so far. In my experimenting with what will and will not get accepted I have been very surprised. With my surprise it has actually steered me towards types of photography... More
  • My Stock Photo School

    by Julia161 | 6th of May, 2009

    Hi, this is going to be the blog where I write about my stock experiences, particularly on Dreamstime, about lessons I learned from practice, other photographers and editors while uploading on stock, about how stock can help photographer's professional development. Also It'... More
  • Swimming lessons

    by Asklar | 27th of April, 2009

    I am a second grade teacher. I teach during the school year but instead of taking the summer off I do one of my real passions... infant swimming lessons. I work with 1-5 year old's teaching them survival swimming skills in case they were to ever find themselves in a drowning... More
  • Joyous Easter Celebration

    by Irisangel | 8th of April, 2009

  • Less Is More - Case In Point

    by Kbkgraphx | 2nd of April, 2009

    The title of this blog; "Less Is More - Case In Point" refers to what I consider to be a pretty fair amount of downloads I have earned with a relatively small amount of images available... Specifically: Nearly $450.00 in earnings (523 downloads) since 2005 with a... More
  • A Day At The Zoo

    by Aughty | 5th of March, 2009

    My favorite Zoo in the whole World is Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, and it's free. I spend the morning in the conservatory and the afternoon walking around the zoo's many buildings. There are always many images to choose from: flowers, fish and workers to name a few.... More
  • What is art?

    by Mildegard | 25th of February, 2009

    This question may sound strange, but I really often ask myself - what is really art and what is not? I'll explain my doubts... Experimenting, finding new ways to express yourself is good. But I think humanity's gone to far on that road. Now everything is called art. Even... More
  • Priorities - Wake-up Call

    by Kenneystudios | 12th of January, 2009

    We all struggle with it: Priorities. Bills, work, hobbies, pets, children, spouses, family, friends, etc. What should I deal with first? What can go on the back burner? Sometimes we don't realize that our priorities are out of whack until we receive a wake-up call that feels... More
  • Bliss in Ignorance... A Fool's Refuge

    by Thefinalmiracle | 6th of January, 2009

    John was a regular visitor to charity institutions. His life felt incomplete without talking to people in need and trying to make them feel better. He did not donate anything in cash or kind. He spent his time with children, elders or general people in distress that he came... More
  • less than one month..

    by Billysiew | 24th of December, 2008

    I earned my fifth $100 for less than one month.. :) Thanks for all your supports! This is the Christmas gift and blessing for me! Most important, I want to thank God for giving me the best gift that is his only son, Jesus. (John 3:16) Hope you all receive this Gift of... More
  • Presenting the OneEyz

    by Sukro | 17th of December, 2008

    I have been working on this design collection for some time - sketching and having ideas for new carachters... The idea was to create a whole collection of brightly coloured small carachters, that can be used for icons, or magazine illustrations, or childrens illustrations.... More
  • Seamless Patterns

    by Sukro | 11th of December, 2008

    Had some more seamless patterns approved today - I really enjoy making them. I find the process of choosing colours, and deciding where the elements should go in order to make the pattern flow, is almost relaxing :-) How about you? Is there any particular type of illustration... More
  • Which to shoot RAW or JPEG?

    by Aughty | 4th of December, 2008

    Since shooting stock for DT, I have been on a learning curve. Learning about ISO, DOF, Dynamic Range, Histograms and tons of other fun stuff that makes me feel more like a technician of imagery than a photographer. I deal with reality (photography) first and that’s to... More
  • The struggle to make seamless patterns

    by Sukro | 1st of December, 2008

    I have beens struggling for some time...I had set my mind to creating seamless patterns, but I found out that seamless patterns are really REALLY hard to make. I finally stumbled over a really cool tutorial, written by someone who mananaged to explain seamless patterns... More
  • Full Body Isolation - A Quick Tutorial

    by Photoshow | 16th of October, 2008

    So anyone who has submitted to microstock for more then a couple weeks already knows that one of the most popular styles of imagery offered here is the Isolated Model over white. While it is not horribly difficult it does take some skill to master and without a little... More
  • Trip to the zoo

    by Hasnulf | 2nd of September, 2008

    On saturday, 30th of August, 2008, I went to the zoo. This is the national zoo in malaysia. That day I found something very interesting yet very challenging that I have never encountered. While I was taking pictures of the elephants, flurries of storks were flying... More
  • Be patient!

    by Billysiew | 25th of August, 2008

    Patience is a lesson that I am learning from Dreamstime! Yes! be patient, soon will enjoy a fruitful harvest... See Article
  • Clipping path

    by Ladyminnie | 4th of August, 2008

    I know how to make one, but not sure how to save it for DT and other microstock They like it as ESP or SVG ? can someone tell me please See Article

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