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  • Have you ever had an Print-EL or Web-EL sale?

    by Fotodesignjegg | 28th of July, 2010

    Dear DT Photographers, I just saw a blog entry whery a lucky guy is telling that he just had an SR-EL sale. Well I don't offer these kind of licence, but I offer Print-EL and WEB-EL. My question is now. Have you ever had Print-EL or Web-EL sales? Me not, but maybe... More
  • Preferences!

    by Mani33 | 24th of May, 2010

    On my day by day as a designer! I always get new needs for more & more photos, even with the data base of photos that I already made! My new client is a school for driving license, and though I had to analyze his needs! First as usual knowing his likes & preferences! See... More
  • This shot was well worth bearing the heat for

    by Komar | 2nd of February, 2010

    Last month I had my first downloads for this image, 6 and 7 credit purchases. Today I got my first Dreamstime Extended license (P-EL). The beach itself is quite a popular one, but it was HOT and I probably wouldn't have gone out myself, however I was showing a friend... More
  • Crochet-ing

    by Littlelion | 12th of January, 2010

    As I said in my last post, it is really hard to find out where my stuff ends up being applied (and under which license), but when I do, most times, I am happy to report, they are used in items I wouldn’t mind have sitting in the living room, lying on the bed, hanging on... More
  • 'Sale, sale, sale...' Second and third

    by Szczepko | 5th of November, 2009

    In my previous blog I wrote about my first extended license. It was (U-EL) license that costs 25 credits. It happened on 1st of October, but a few days later, on 23rd of October I had another "big" sale. An image of my son playing with shaped blocks was sold with standard... More
  • New Sales OfP-EL License

    by Ongchangwei | 28th of October, 2009

    Very happy, Year 2009 first time sales with P-EL License. This photo i taken in Brisbane History Church. Before my last sales is on 10/30/2008. Very long time got one sales, but i still very happy and very hard work to hit another sales. More
  • Sale, sale, sale...

    by Szczepko | 1st of October, 2009

    I am almost 25 months on DreamsTime. My portfolio is not so big, with average monthly uploads at 23 images. Yesterday at the end of 3rd Quarter of 2009, I had my 700th sale. All sold images from my portfolio were regular RF or Editorial license. Today I had a very hard... More
  • Tips for editorial submissions

    by Costa007 | 9th of March, 2009

    There are a few important points to be considered for editorial submissions although they seem to be overlooked most of the times: Specific descriptions – increased editorial value The first thing one should keep in mind when submitting such images is that they... More
  • A Question About Licenses...

    by Midnightstudios | 22nd of February, 2009

    I just joined Dreamstime (literally, just today) and I was uploading images and then I came to the bottom section where you have to pick which licenses to give to the image. I read through what the licenses mean, but honestly, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Is it bad... More
  • Be wary of Facebook...

    by Southernstar71 | 16th of February, 2009

    You probably heard about it already, but just in case... On Feb. 4th, Facebook changed their terms of service (without telling anyone, because their terms of service give them the right to do so). Basically, the biggest change is that whatever content is uploaded to... More
  • Stock Photography Fraud

    by Ptoone | 17th of January, 2009

    Although the image displayed on the agency web site is watermarked, it doesn't seem to stop a few people from copying them and then adjusting the exposure and contrast to disuse the watermark and use without paying the small licensing fee. After visiting my favorite downtown... More
  • My First U-EL Sale!

    by Walleyelj | 11th of October, 2008

    A couple of days ago I was surprised to see one of my editoral NASCAR photos sold for almost four times my biggest sale ever. It turns out it was my first extended license sale! The sad thing is I wasn't too excited because I figured it was a mistake, but it's still in there!... More
  • My first Extended License sale!

    by Sil63 | 27th of June, 2008

    I was really happy today to find out I had my first Extended License sale :) with this image: It was a P-EL sale so I imagine my image will go on a printed material of some kind... Hope many more sales like this one will follow :)! Thank you DT for this opportunity!... More
  • Estatic about Extended License Sales

    by Retina2020 | 14th of June, 2008

    I've been on Dreamstime since end of October 2007 and made my first P-EL sale in the month of January 2008. At the time being very new to stock photography, I didn't really know what that meant but I was just happy to get a $25 boost in my sales. I figured the P-EL sales... More
  • check and double check

    by Denisebeverly | 7th of June, 2008

    first of all let me say YAY i am exclusive now, my application was accepted. but i learned to double check things today when i realized i did not have all my extended licenses checked to sell the web usage or print usage. i cannot believe i have not had those activated.... More
  • My first download with EL!

    by Complexdesignpl | 28th of May, 2008

    It's very exciting moment when something happens for the first time. We, the contributors, can feel an excitement when our photo is downloaded for the first time. It makes us happy and we can see that someone likes photos or images made by us. It's a great thing, when our... More
  • Extended license is not a myth

    by Dcwcreations | 21st of April, 2008

    I have been with Dreamstime for almost a year now and like every one else I have had the excitment of my first accepted photo. This of course inspired me to carry on. Then I got my first sale. I remember it like it was yesterday, wow was I excited. That excitment... More
  • First Editorial Image Online!

    by Kenneystudios | 10th of April, 2008

    My first editorial image made it online! This was taken at the 7th Annual Kite Flying Frenzy in Frederick County, VA, USA. They had music, games, and LOTS of people enjoying the beautiful April weather with wondefully colored kites! See Article
  • Starting blog with a question : Sell the rights (SR-EL)

    by Chachas | 27th of March, 2008

    Sell the rights (SR-EL) use recommended price (recommended price: $XXXX) or set a price $ XXX Who of you has already sold such SR-EL License and how often ? thanks for all info and reply Chachas, Europe More
  • Iraq from a soldier's point of view

    by Photojay | 15th of February, 2008

    The new editorial license was one of the most exciting additions here at DT for me. I have hundreds of images from my tour in Iraq that will offer newsworthy images of Iraq from a soldier's point of view. I have just begun to get themuploaded, but hope that this collection... More

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