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  • My Photography Experience

    by Yhca | 26th of January, 2009

    I have joined DT since 2004 and I must say I am one of the few thousand photographers in DT then. I used a Canon Powershot A80 point-and-shoot camera to shoot all my previous photographs without any tripod or artificial lighting, all using natural light coming from my home... More
  • My first attempts at studio images

    by Fultonsphoto | 13th of January, 2009

    As can be seen from my PF, for anyone interested in taking a look, the majority of my images are nature/wildlife related and I make use of what lighting, composition and subject matter are naturally available to me. That said, I did try my hand at some still life images (... More
  • So much easier!

    by Teekaygee | 10th of January, 2009

    I often struggle with lighting on my photos; particularly those taken indoors. The layout of my house is not so good, and our weather is often so dark and dreary that very little light comes in the windows anyway. Sometimes it is so dark that the best shutter speed I can... More
  • Full Body Isolation - A Quick Tutorial

    by Photoshow | 16th of October, 2008

    So anyone who has submitted to microstock for more then a couple weeks already knows that one of the most popular styles of imagery offered here is the Isolated Model over white. While it is not horribly difficult it does take some skill to master and without a little... More
  • It’s Been Framed!

    by Raptormusic | 8th of October, 2008

    Continuous advances in cameras, especially digital ones have made the science easier, so in theory anyone should be able to catch that perfect picture! I have to admit I was upset when digital cameras first came out and thought it would destroy the soul of photography.... More
  • Vegas Vision Studios Lighting Technique

    by Photoshow | 24th of September, 2008

    A small gift from Vegas Vision Studios Low Key Portriature Lighting Setup. Background is black Duvatine Model must be 4-5 feet from background to prevent key and fill lights from spilling onto background and lighting it. Lighting Diagram More
  • 3 Fashion Shoot Lighting Setups using Flashguns

    by Yanc | 4th of September, 2008

    Hi guys! Another blog entry at Yanik's Photo School featuring 3 lighting setups using flashguns. Check it out here! Yanik More
  • Studio flash kits under $300 - AMAZING!

    by Litifeta | 9th of August, 2008

    Great deal for DREAMSTIME photographers. I promised a review of a set of amazing studio light kits which are being made available to stock photographers direct from the factory. I have finished an initial review, and you can CLICK HERE to read that review. Boling are... More
  • Chandeliers

    by Qing02051981 | 3rd of August, 2008

    This was taken at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. The beautiful crystal chandeliers caught my attention immediately. It was not something common I get to see in Singapore. I paid attention to the framing and ensure my ISO is not too high else there will be too... More
  • New studio lighting kits just right for microstock

    by Litifeta | 30th of July, 2008

    See the construction lights on the left here, they are a thing of the past for those new to microstock. Hey they are cheap, A set at Bunnings or Home Depot is probably just under $25. A warning though, they get damn hot. And change the bulbs to quality bulbs. But no matter... More
  • First attempt with light tent...

    by Cleaper | 19th of June, 2008

    Hi there, Well I've had a couple of images accepted from my first attempt with a light tent so I am quite pleased. I mostly take shots of landscapes and nature but I thought I would give something new a try. I bought a very cheap light tent and lights so I wasn't sure... More
  • Acupuncture Shoot Explained

    by Yanc | 9th of June, 2008

    Hi guys! I recently did an acupuncture stock photo shoot and I thought I would share with you how I set it all up! You can check it out HERE. Enjoy! :) Yanik See Article
  • My second picture rejected, fixed then approved.

    by Sstedman | 25th of April, 2008

    As I learn more about having my pictures approved, I am forced to improve my photography skills, which is a good thing. Here is my 2nd approved photo. When I first submitted it the picture was too dark and it was rejected. I then went to the local hardware store and... More
  • Food Photography... Subjects that don't require model release ;)

    by Retina2020 | 11th of April, 2008

    When you look at food photos, they may seemingly seem simple. But there is a lot of work and thought behind each photo. See the video below, and you'll know what I mean. You Tube video on the art of food photography Seems like there are more lights and reflectors... More
  • Exposure and Tonal Contrast

    by Aryanimagery | 12th of February, 2008

    Correct Exposure is combination of Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO and a creatively correct exposure is combination of all of above and the photographer’s creative mind. I believe there is nothing can be termed as bad or good light for my exposure, it should be appropriate... More
  • Need help with lighting...

    by Torie508 | 13th of September, 2007

    I have a very small studio, about 8x10 ft., and I use halogen shop lights for my lighting. I have 2 of the double lights with tripods and 2 single lights that sit on the floor. It seems that I do not have enough lighting still to take a good picture. Does anyone have any... More
  • Isolation and the use of white space.

    by Pirate59 | 9th of September, 2007

    Hi everyone. Ive noticed a fair few of the really great isolated images (objects by them selves) have something in common. They all have a really strong white area. Background at times can as important to perfecting an image, as the other criteria. ie composition,... More
  • Photographing Shiny Objects

    by Photojay | 7th of September, 2007

    If you haven't read "Light: Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting" by Fil Hunter, Steven Biver, and Paul Fugua, then you are missing out. This book is quite amazing. OK, there were alot of things I probably already knew. But, there were a few... More
  • Beginner looking for advice and tips

    by Frontdoormedia | 30th of August, 2007

    I'd like to start off by giving a little bit of background on myself. Feel free to skip ahead 2 paragraphs to get to the main point of this post. I've just started to get into stock photo photography, something I just started to think about two weeks ago after reading... More
  • Enough about Photography...It's NOT funny!

    by Photojay | 27th of August, 2007

    I have tried, on several occasions, to put together some very well thought out and intuitive blogs about photographic technique. Problem is that I am more suited to tell astronauts how to put their space suit on than I am to tell photographers here at DT how to shoot great... More

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