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  • You would never guess, what is copyrighted these days...

    by Demonike | 6th of October, 2010

    Copyright issues are one of the most confusing and frustrating among contributors in today's dynamic and profit-driven world. Where ever there is some new architectural structure or a new product or even word of speech - there is always someone who wants and has it protected... More
  • Finding the time and keeping a list.

    by Smudgechris | 29th of March, 2010

    We've all hit that burnout point in photography, when you just don't feel like picking up the camera.  I'm the first to admit I'm trying to juggle an awful lot with stock photography/flickr community and this blog.  Keeping a list of fresh and new ideas will mean you're... More
  • Need to be NORMALLY Materialistic

    by Thefinalmiracle | 21st of March, 2010

    Ages n' Ages we have been taught by our religions and spiritual gurus to be away from the materialistic world and into our souls. Get away from attachments, desires and just think about god to attain Moksha. For some reason I am realizing that getting materialistic is now... More
  • Vectors Aren't Just For Illustrations

    by Jsternig | 11th of February, 2010

    It seems like all to often when speaking with other artists or micro stock community members, even potential clients, that the overall belief is that vector art is reserved for illustrations and logos only. While I certainly agree that these items benefit greatly from vector... More
  • Decision process

    by Rosedarc | 8th of January, 2010

    Making decisions is not always easy... I stopped, looked, listened and came to the conclusion it would definitely be a good thing to become DT exclusive. So here we go, I crossed the line! See Article
  • Profitable Opt-in Lists Made Easy

    by Tduong | 24th of October, 2009

    Have you created what you thought was a profitable opt-in list only to find that all that money you are supposed to be making isn’t coming in? You’ve read all the articles telling you how great opt-in lists are for making money online; you’ve read through testimonial... More
  • How to Tell if You're a Microstocker

    by Ponytail1414 | 19th of August, 2009

    -In every situation of life, you immediately start keywording in your head. “So nice to meet you, Mr. Jones! man, male, Caucasian, person, bald, smile, businessman… Who was that? Oh? Your new secretary? hottie, blonde, fake boobs, bitch Oh, wow!... More
  • Building an RF shot list

    by Avava | 11th of August, 2009

    Hi All , Here is an 30 minute video explaining how we go about building a shot list for a day of shooting. This is not for everyone but I hope you can find one small piece of info that will help your future productions. Cheers, Jonathan AVAVA I am so sorry everyone.... More
  • Shopping List!

    by Rafig770 | 16th of June, 2009

    For the past 2 years I have been taking some good shots and have done some small jobs with outdated equipment which was minimal to begin with. So I have finally compiled a shopping list which I cannot afford, slowly though I may have it all. Let the list begin: Pentax... More
  • Realistic Dragon vector..... HELP

    by Ericat82 | 11th of June, 2009

    I have been trying to find a vector image of a dragon with its body. I have been looking on Dreamstime and another site for 5 months. I was wondering if anyone out there had something that could help me find what I am looking for. Your help would be soooo very appreciated!... More
  • Two new posts in my blog

    by Saniphoto | 10th of June, 2009

    Hi I do not intend to abuse of this blog to make announces for my own blog, but because is a brand new personal blog (about microstock and Dreamstime in particular) and I have just posted two new articles, let me make this last one. I promise, this will be really the last... More
  • Petrut Calinescu

    by Stanicat | 2nd of February, 2009

    Today I will present to you a romanian photojournalist which work I appreciate a lot. You can see his portfolio here. Enjoy Here Is another winter image I enjoy from my portfolio. It is a wooden church specific from the north side of my country. More
  • Food pictures

    by Tomas24 | 24th of January, 2009

    As a professional chef, I decidet, to try probably the most difficult subject in phography - food. Every day I'm cooking, creating new dishes/meals but for photography purposes they should look totally different. So I start from new year 2009 as hard as I can, be my own chef,... More
  • Planning ahead

    by Teekaygee | 20th of January, 2009

    Some days it seems as though I can't come up with a single idea. When that happens, I end up just sitting around feeling frustrated because I really want to be taking photos and uploading. I browse the forums and check my stats a zillion times...which adds to the frustration... More
  • Vector drawings thinking people.

    by 7a | 28th of December, 2008

    In times of crisis, people are looking for new ideas. I suggest you vector images of people who invent, explain Confer, listen and sign the paper. See Article
  • Realism Rules for the Best Toy Cars

    by Toynutz | 24th of December, 2008

    Following your passion is usually the best for success in life, or at least for personal satisfaction. My passion is realistic diecast toy cars, although many of them are not so much toys but rather accurate scale models. As I search Dreamstime, I found a definite... More
  • Friends are there for you

    by Fertographer | 5th of October, 2008

    Hard up on finding models for stock, I was glad my friend willingly agreed to pose in returns for his own pictures - bare and showing. With a figure he trained so hard for, isn't it such a waste to let this photo opportunity go? I'm glad the shoot I did with him... More
  • Destinations I dream of…

    by Amyemilia | 15th of April, 2008

    Top 10 Places I want to visit, in no particular order: 1.Madagascar The flora and fauna of this large island are fascinating, and fast disappearing. 2.New Zealand The landscape of The Lord of the Rings, green and gorgeous. 3.Australia Wild kangaroos and big flocks... More
  • Polish famous people

    by Papuga2006 | 22nd of February, 2008

    Polish culture is compound of Eastern and Western cultures. This mix is evident in our architecture, art, literature and other subjects. I would like to present some famous people whose birthplace was Poland and have significant influence for European culture. For music... More
  • Photojournalists, the frontline warriors who bring us news

    by Fertographer | 6th of October, 2007

    I read up recently about kevin carter after viewing some pictures that were from all over the world, depicting conflict, atrocities, cruelty and sadness. Those photos, mainly in black and white, captured the essence of humanity and that so many parts of the world is lacking... More

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