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  • The day without Dreamstime

    by Wxh6763 | 26th of November, 2014

    Somehow, since November12 , the page of DT and all the images was wrong! They can't be displays correctly in computer. I have ask some friends and they told me it's alright!   From then on, I just like lost my soul and in expectation it's OK soon. In the morning everyday,... More
  • New and confuse

    by Erogers30 | 5th of February, 2012

    hi, I'm a newbie here and I'm quiet confuse about the license aggreement in the management area. Need some suggestion which one do I really need to choose. The following options are: ( ) Web Usage (E-EL) ( ) Print Usage (P-EL) ( ) Sell the rights (SR-EL,... More
  • Something lost...lives on in stock

    by Bradcalkins | 22nd of September, 2011

    Over the last 4 years of doing stock photography I have photographed many a household item. Several of those items have subsequently been lost, stolen, sold or broken. For some reason I find it satisfying every time I get a sale for one of those items ;) Here are a few:... More
  • 10th Anniversary of September 11

    by Arim44 | 10th of September, 2011

    In honor of those who lost their life on September 11. [ More
  • download own images

    by Calexcyou | 25th of April, 2011

    is there a way to download my own images, and NOT be charged,,? i lost a few images on my computer archieve due to a magor crash and lost few, but this is the only site where the images are.. thanks alex See Article
  • Always, Always, Always Back-Up your Stuff!

    by Jetjock | 26th of February, 2011

    Everyone seems to have a story when it comes to losing precious data from their computer and it's not just photos I've lost in the past, it's been music, bookmarks, contacts etc. . . . Let's face it, if your computer suffers a major failure there's an awful lot of stuff... More
  • lost camera

    by Xiaofeng123 | 17th of October, 2010

    Bad luck.I lost my camera on the subway.So ,can not upload the new files. I have decide to buy a new camera.Maybe Canon 550D.I like canon camera. Can some one make suggestion to me?My dear friend on the DT. See Article
  • R.I.P. "Nikki"...

    by 3000ad | 22nd of June, 2010

    >It is my first blog entry here at Dreamstime. It is important. It also isn't mine, rather my son's blog entry about his beloved camera. For the ones kind enough to read it, the link is below: An Obituary: Nikon “Nikki” Coolpix, May 2005-June 2010 For the ones that... More
  • Shangri-La,amazing place

    by Runnybabbit | 15th of May, 2010

    Shangri-la just like a legend,when James Hilton wrote this place in his novel "Lost Horizon", no one know where this mysterious place excactly is follow the clue mentioned in the novel with"Pyramid-like peaks, the blue lakes, wide meadows,"people fine the place in Yunnan... More
  • Ever deleted your photos by mistake?

    by Phakimata | 16th of March, 2010

    Did you ever deleted your images from your memory-card before uploading them to your computer? I made this huge mistake last weekend as my mind was all over the place. The images lost were from a shoot done that afternoon. I was extremely frustrated when I came to realize... More
  • The clouds dim my inspiration.

    by Porjii | 17th of January, 2010

    I am stumped on what I can do in terms of photography. I have taken every possible photo of isolation I can with my cornflakes box. I have to wait until summer to actually get out side, only because my camera freezes below -1. It has been slightly warm these days but I can'... More
  • Tiles and creativity...

    by Sukro | 11th of January, 2010

    When ever I hit a period where the creativity is low, or said in an other way I just don't seem to get any ideas worth while illustrating, I sit down and make some seamless tiles - it almost always result in me getting new ideas! Here are a couple from my portfolio.... More
  • Losing Photos Was In The Past!

    by Mani33 | 28th of November, 2009

    Hi all, I'm here to share something that might be useful for many! It was useful for me... I lost my hard drive few weeks ago & like they say, the experience is the biggest school in life! I didn't believe that I lost everything so I didn't give up! I had installed... More
  • The Cure for Lethargy!

    by Dnavarrojr | 13th of July, 2009

    I have discovered the cure to lethargy. Well, a cure that works on me... I am mainly a video guy. I shoot hundreds of clips a week and occasionally I get some time to pick up a still camera. The past few weeks, however, I've felt lethargic... rundown... my creativity... More
  • Bye-Bye Love, Bye-Bye Happiness (Part 1)

    by Black-white | 2nd of March, 2009

    I love camera, I love photography. I love microstock, I love Dreamstime. But, it became the darkest day yesterday. My camera bag lost thoroughly. It contained my lovely camera Fuji S3 Pro and the favorable lens Nikor 70mm-200mm. I am felling into the extreme sad mood. The... More
  • Your Computer Crashed and all is lost!

    by Lcjtripod | 21st of February, 2009

    Yes, it can and will in time happen to you. Protect yourself by making two DVD's of your original images, save one copy in your desk and another in a second place. Not in the same building! I had a studio and a house burn to the ground. (five years apart) lost everything... More
  • assignment

    by Dmccale | 24th of August, 2008

    I think I am missing something. Can you be level one and upload new image for assignment? When it asks something about level 5 or sell for $25 it lost me. Can some one explain? I am kinda new here. Thanks mccale See Article
  • Little help for photo recovery

    by Markogt | 14th of June, 2008

    Hi! I recommend one good program that has helped me save my photos many times. This software is very useful if your memory card fails and you loose your images on card. You can use this program to recover your photos. It really works and helps if you have... More
  • Desert Island - What would you take?

    by Nicemonkey | 18th of September, 2007

    Just watched the film "cast away" with Tom Hanks. If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you take...other than a football called Wilson! I will start it off....my girlfriend because she might read this blog not Neve Campbell! and some water and a knife.... More
  • Arghhhhh...old, senile, superficious

    by Ejla | 10th of September, 2007

    I've just written a long article about my age, attitude, life before computers, life with computers...and the troubles that BBCode made today to me, and than wanted to make a link to my latest approved picture, and I have missed something, and everything disappeared :( Maybe... More

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