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  • The People Around Us = Our (Free) Models

    by Eric1513 | 17th of April, 2011

    The People Around Us = Our (Free) Models I am a cheapskate! My daughter groans every time we drive past a house on our street because she knows if I see the car parked there (a red, low riding, ridiculously expensive sport’s car) that I will launch into my “what... More
  • My new-old model

    by Captainzz | 5th of April, 2011

    My model in the new series. But this time the model is alive, not illustrated:-))) More
  • Improve my stock portfolio - MR documents

    by Sarkao | 5th of April, 2011

    I decided to improve my stock portfolio. So I began to ask my friends, models and relatives for sign MR document in english and started upload pictures of them in last weeks. It is little bit difficult reorganize pictures from last five years and contact some of models,... More
  • Studio shoots....

    by Dgphotographic | 23rd of March, 2011

    I have just had my first two model studio photos accepted ! I have been doing studio model shoots for about a year now, all TFP/CD a lot of the shoots have been "retro" look, 1950's 60's. I chose these two as the position of the model leaves plenty of "empty" space on the... More
  • My new collection----modern buildings

    by Multilisks | 15th of March, 2011

    I made a new collection with the name "modern buildings". The images were taken at beijing china. Beijing is the capital of PRC, which is the center of National politics, culture, transport, tourism and international exchanges. To Beijing, what you see and feel is not... More
  • 100 images sold!

    by Laurasinelle | 18th of February, 2011

    I´m proud to say that after 9 months I finally reached 100 images sold. It took me a little longer than i thought but it is ok, I will work harder and upload more images! and of course I´m going to have many more sales! This is my 100 image sold, and it is kind... More
  • New collection: Architectural wonders of Iran

    by Cbomers | 17th of February, 2011

    ‘If you have travelled to Esfahan, you have seen Half of the World’. It is easy to agree with this famous 16th century proverb seeing the beauty and grandeur of the city Esfahan, one of the places I have visited during a trip to Iran. Its glory, architectural masterpieces... More
  • Creating of Ferrari 458 restyled

    by Zenox2d | 9th of February, 2011

    3d modeling and rendering of beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia.I'v found a lot's of reference images,but still couldn't catch every detail.Also my creative side is always stronger then need for accuracy.When I'v got modeling as I want it,then I'v focused on renderings.Almost 2... More
  • Model release form for all agencies

    by Alistaircotton | 31st of January, 2011

    Yuri has had an excellent model release form available on his site for a while now. However, when I tried to use it towards the end of last year there were some problems and DT and another agency rejected the form. I've updated this MR form and reposted it as a download... More
  • Finding your model with a cheap way

    by AuthenticCreations | 11th of January, 2011

    Finding a model can be easy. You can ask your friends or your family. If you explain how the images will be used most of them will sign you a release. But what if you need some new models? You can pay for expensive professional models but there is a cheaper way...... You... More
  • Licences and how to obtain them for my art work, help!

    by Buffaloartist | 29th of December, 2010

    I went yesterday from being totally excited to have a new source for my art. I bought several photos that I would love to paint. Then I realized there are difference kinds of licenses and I might not have bought the right to paint these. Who understands when I need... More
  • Useful Botton

    by Budgetstockphoto | 9th of December, 2010

    There is a useful button on at the top of each article page, does it work? because I don't understand how some of the recent threads of facile "wow congratulations" comments and the banal posts they accompany can possibly be justified as something newsworthy for syndication... More
  • Getting started

    by Dgphotographic | 9th of December, 2010

    Hi ! My first blog entry.........I'm still in the shallow end of "Stock Photography" although I have been photographing things for over 40 years there is still a lot to learn when it comes to selling images. It has been a quiet week so far, a live gig with fantastic stage... More
  • Thoughts upon reaching 1000 images on line.

    by Davidwatmough | 27th of November, 2010

    Three weeks ago I received my Dreamstime check for $1000 but was 50 images short of 1000 so thinking about it I decided to invest in hiring a model. I wanted to capture images of the quality of these four which I envy. So I visited a web site of a local studio and... More
  • Iphone APP for Model Release for Photographers

    by Aughty | 14th of November, 2010

    I carry my cell phone with me all over the world and along with it are 100s of useable apps to make organizing my lifestyle easier without relying heavily on my laptop to keep notes, etc. There are now electronic model releases made available for photographers for their Iphones,... More
  • My First Model

    by Fiifre | 9th of November, 2010

    I read on stock-photography blogs that models sell better than most other type of pictures. So I said to myself, lets give it a try. I asked my second half if she agreed and she did... Feel free to comment or give advice on how to sell stock, as I'm always looking for... More
  • Creative Garments using One Choth Piece

    by Ziprashantzi | 7th of November, 2010

    Hi DT Family, I am very happy today because two of my images in have been approved in which I had done creative designing of clothing for one of my model. I just used only one Single piece of Cloth and tried to wrap it in different styles. Since both the styles (in both... More
  • not as smooth as we hoped :)

    by Robseguin | 29th of October, 2010

    First of all thank you so much for the nice comments, it means a lot to us. Got our first rejections this week (not 1 but 7...ouch), didn’t feel that good, but taught us a lesson, that we have to do a better job. So, that’s what we are going to do…to submit pictures... More
  • My first amazing model.. ;-)

    by Serjedi | 13th of October, 2010

    Hi guys! Finally I uploaded my first picture with a real model! And I want to share with you in my first blog! She's my beautiful girlfriend and I'm so glad to be in love with her.. I hope I can upload other pictures of her (now she's my personal model, and... More
  • Planning a stockshoot...

    by Fotosmurf02 | 6th of October, 2010

    I can still remember that very first time I had an official "stockshoot". It must have been close to 6 years ago and I had just discovered the existence of microstock. I seriously did not have a clue what stockphotography was at the time, so I got a model in my living room... More

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