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  • Finally $200!

    by Noodles73 | 28th of July, 2011

    Hi, finally celebrating $200 with a classic sold again today and one of the first pics uploaded on DT.... This July was kind of harsh, a lot of subscriptions and long periods with no sales, but I managed to reache the $200 mark. I took avout 6 months to reach... More
  • Follow up to New Goal blog post

    by Mvogel | 5th of July, 2011

    This is a follow up to a previous blog that I posted about my new goal for the month of 50 images approved with the ultimate goal of getting 150-200 approved per month. I got a lot of feedback on that post that stressed quality over quantity. I decided to make another blog... More
  • New goal for the month

    by Mvogel | 5th of July, 2011

    My goal for this month is to get 50 images approved in one month. I set a new BME last month for images approved at 41. My long term goal is to be able to get 150-200 images approved each month or a yearly total of around 2000. What are your short term and long term... More
  • Best Month Ever!!

    by Londondream | 2nd of July, 2011

    Last month was the best month ever on DT for me. I had the biggest number of sales and the biggest income ever all in one month! Unfortunately it wasn't something spectacular, but it was another milestone for me :) I've sold 8 photos and get $15.69 in revenue :) That's... More
  • 200 photos upload

    by Streetka2004 | 30th of June, 2011

    This month, I uploaded 200 photos! Now, I have 1230 photos online。Recently,I tried some new themes。For example, I try to shoot some still life。 My Ipad Panda Pearl Necklace See Article
  • BME on DT!

    by Wordplanet | 29th of June, 2011

    BME! And I didn't even realize it until DT tweeted for me! The month started out really slow for me. After the first two weeks I thought it was going to be my worst month rather than my best but then late last week sales began to pick up. Quite a relief! Here are some... More
  • One month on dreamstime:)

    by Chrwincan5dm2 | 17th of June, 2011

    Hey guys it's been one month now, that I am uploading to dreamstime and this is reason enough for me to share my success with you:) I by now have around 700 views and 2 sales while having 34 images online. My goal is to reach 100 uploads by Oktober:) Here are my first... More
  • What speed is normal for you?

    by Gelia | 14th of June, 2011

    What upload per month is normal for you? Making photo is not my job, just a hobby. After work in the evening I upload photos to Dreamstime, not all of these photos are accepted by checkers. 20 uploaded photos per month is my comfortable speed. I upload photos not only... More
  • One month on DT & still trying to improve the AR ...

    by Digikhmer | 18th of May, 2011

    Which word come in your mind when you come to talk about Netherlands or Holland ? I think most of you must say "tulips", "windmill" or "coffeshop" ;) or in the other way round. Before coming on the lowland, I was very interested by the windmill. Whenever I have a free... More
  • First image to reach Level 4

    by Huating | 8th of May, 2011

    I have finally had an image reach Level 4, I hope it doesn't take as long for the next 25 DL's. the pic approved on 08/03/2010, it takes 1 year 1 month reach 4 level. Thanks all friend here. See Article
  • Best month by far...

    by Fultonsphoto | 1st of November, 2010

    October was by far my best month since joining DT. I had a number of sales of the same image which took it to level 5, with a total number of 73 sales for the month and revenue of $134.14 this was by far my bumper month so far. Thanks to all the buyers, you definately made... More
  • Best month

    by Cooper5022 | 1st of November, 2010

    I joined DT in September 2009 and now have 428 images online. So far October has been my best month with 27 downloads. Small money, but I am pleased for the progress. This month will hopefully bring my 200th download and I trust an improvement on the sales to date. More
  • TIF sale

    by Bevanward | 30th of September, 2010

    How grateful am I to have a TIF sale at the end of the month to drag my average sale price over 1 dollar ;-) They don’t happen enough for me but they are exciting when they come! Many TIF sales to you all ;-) Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia More
  • more 1.200 files on line

    by Marcomayer | 17th of September, 2010

    After 9 month 1.200 files on line and 433 sales one of the latest upload See Article
  • First Sale

    by Suzanka | 10th of September, 2010

    A little over than a month since I started uploading photos in Dreamstime and I already got my first sale! Here is the photo: This image was part of the series I did with different decorations at home lit by torches. It was by accident that I moved my hand before the... More
  • qualify for the monthly assignments

    by Alitvfilm | 20th of July, 2010

    Only for nearly one and a half month of struggling as a beginner in stock photographer in DT, now i reached of 94 images uploads approved and qualify for my first monthly assignment. A few images of my photos and illustrations had been uploaded waiting for the approval.... More
  • Finally My First Earning

    by Marcomayer | 19th of May, 2010

    Finally after 4 month and 670 upload files ......my first earning is coming ..and it is strange but the photo that it has made me to earn is of my daughter with put dollar on money box See Article
  • Monthly Report - April 2010

    by Davulcu | 30th of April, 2010

    April was a quite good month for me with 145 uploads and reaching 125 sales at total. As a part of my plan, I reached 462 images in a short time and will keep my hard work in coming months too. My acceptance ratio increased to 52.8 % which enables me uploading of 10... More
  • Success in stock at DT ...

    by Mwp1969 | 1st of April, 2010

    This month is my "Best Month Ever (BME)" here at DT . It also helped contribute to my best month ever across ALL of the sites I contribute to. I provide additional details, a timeline, a list of pros and cons and other helpful resources on my blog: Mark's Stock Photography... More
  • BME (Best Month Ever)

    by Katn1999 | 1st of April, 2010

    Hi everyone! March was an incredible month for me! I uploaded more photos in one month than ever before, I had the highest revenue of any previous month (although I only tied the previous month for highest sales), I increased my acceptance rate an entire level (allowing... More

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