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  • Newcomer to the Dreamstime (but not the Dreamtime)

    by Xidoraven | 5th of April, 2008

    I am new here. Profiles steal the essence of what is essentially us, especially when we are new to the community. I will allow my work online to do the talking for me. I am working with others, both as a professional and a volunteer, for artistic and spiritual multimedia... More
  • Looking to work hard on Dreamstime

    by Jonoman1 | 15th of February, 2008

    Hello stock photo world. My name is Jonathan Souza and i just joined Dreamstime a few weeks ago. I am really looking forward to working hard at stock photography. I shoot mostly weddings, so i want to provide a lot of useful wedding photos. I know it can be hard work... More
  • Should I do more, or is the subject exhausted

    by Crosschk | 4th of February, 2008

    When I started doing this, 3 whole weeks ago. I was able to take pictures of dice and playing cards and poker chips in different arrangements. I was excited that these we accepted. My big question is how much is too much? how do you know when you've done enough. More
  • here i am !!!

    by Ashock | 31st of January, 2008

    hi there! i'am new in this mini stock world! it's a pleasure that 11 my photos have been selected and published, because i started my reflex-world-life only 6 months ago! now i need just a lil bit of CONTROL in order to find some new photo to upload from my hdd :D... More
  • Getting into Dreamstime

    by Alexhor | 29th of January, 2008

    Here is my first image accepted. Wow! For anyone who try to get involved in micro-stock photography, I can say that Dreamstime is not the fastest one. It takes forever to get your images reviewed. :) But... lets look at it from the bright side. The reviewing process itself... More
  • Anyone Else Just Getting Started Here?

    by Charlesoutcalt | 17th of January, 2008

    This is a call to the other newbies on Dreamstime. I respect, admire, and am floored by members with 200, 2,000 or 20,000 downloads, but I'm thinking right now of people, like me, who are just getting started. What has it been like for you? How did you get started trying... More
  • Getting to know Dreamstime

    by Taragolden | 6th of January, 2008

    I feel a little like this seagull, looking at the waves, and thinking about the best way to jump in.. I was told about this site by another photographer right before x-mas and ive been adding photos since this, though many are still in line to be approved.its been a learning... More
  • First article on DT

    by Alanchen | 28th of December, 2007

    I'm a newbie form Beijing,China.So happy to be a member of DT,it's a great site.In past fiew days,I have uploaded some photos.Although part of them were rejected,the accepted ones gave me a great encouragement.I'll continue to upload my photos here.This is my first accepted... More
  • For a Newbie #2

    by Avion49 | 7th of December, 2007

    Sometimes I go looking through portfolios of individuals looking for help on the forums. I came across this one and just couldn't resist getting it. I love musical fountains and this one is so well done. So pass it on! See Article
  • Newbie from Serbia!!!

    by Gruja_digital_rebel | 2nd of November, 2007

    write your text here Hi, My name is Branko, and I'm comming from little country "Serbia" in Europe. I have a 42 uploaded photos now, and I sold my first picture. This is some of my favorites photos: I like to photo nature, landscapes,... More
  • Newbie from Atlanta.

    by Weichengatech | 29th of October, 2007

    I'm newbie here and living in Atlanta. After uploaded 38 pictures, my life in Dreamstime here starts. Wish I have good luck here :) I love to shoot landscape and nature pictures. The following ones are my favorite. I will update my blog when new photos are accepted.... More
  • Model releases and my mistake

    by Gadgetat | 25th of October, 2007

    Today was one of those days. I knew I'd have a batch of e-mails from DT. I submitted a bunch of photos from this past weekend, including some amazing photos of 3 of my friends / models. As I looked through my inbox I saw the "Image Selected" sprinkled throughout, and... More
  • 100 photos, trying new subjects, and enjoying all of this

    by Gadgetat | 22nd of October, 2007

    This morning I was happy to see that I've added my 100th photo. And then more! 116 in total. Nice! I'm also glad that some of my latest have made it. The new photos are a change. I've been doing a ton of landscapes. This time around a few climbers, wagon wheels,... More
  • My first two model releases, and my first shots with real people!

    by Gadgetat | 19th of October, 2007

    Several days ago a pair of great friends signed MR's with me. I've been photographing both of them over the summer. We climb together several times a week, and I've been working on photographing climbers (not as easy as you'd think). This morning I got my first approval... More
  • First Time As A Stock Photographer

    by Vitvelasquez | 17th of October, 2007

    I had been contemplating for a couple of years now whether to jump into the bandwagon of stock photography. Just 3 days ago, without thinking twice, I signed up with Dreamstime. I have 5 photos in my portfolio and still waiting for the other twelve to get approved. I... More
  • Shooting inanimate objects

    by Gadgetat | 16th of October, 2007

    Here's something totally new for me. As I've been looking around Dreamstime I can't help notice some really amazing stock photos. Simple things like shots of brick walls, phones, keyboards, etc. These are things I've never played with shooting before. After looking... More
  • A helping hand for the newbies (part 18)

    by Tonygers | 8th of October, 2007

    Do you remember when you first joined DT and you waited patiently for that first sale? I do! and I also remember the feeling of elation it brought with it. What I want to do is look at a portfolio with no sales, buy what i think is the best image in that portfolio and show... More
  • 75 Photos already

    by Gadgetat | 4th of October, 2007

    I haven't blogged here this week. Feeling a little remiss. As I was uploading today I realized that I already have 75 photos up. Sure, it's not a huge portfolio yet, but it's a start. The best part is I'm learning a lot here that's helping me to understand what... More
  • Model Releases in sports - What to do, what to do?

    by Gadgetat | 25th of September, 2007

    I've seen recent articles on working around a Model Release. Folks at a distance in motion can be blurred, etc. Great suggestions. In addition to doing a lot of landscape photography I enjoy photographing rock climbers. I climb too, and it's a blast. Often when I'... More
  • Following Up on Sorting Old Photos

    by Gadgetat | 24th of September, 2007

    Last week I started posting here at Dreamstime. I had less than 20 photos up at the time, and I began sorting through some of my old photos from my travel over the year. Happily, this morning several more shots were approved. The photos were all "old" ones that I shot... More

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