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  • Take advantage the sun to eliminate noise

    by Omine77 | 5th of February, 2011

    One of the assertions seem obvious and trivial, but the simple truth. The sun helps eliminate noise. But let's start with order. When one enters the world of Microstock, especially at the beginning, we have some confused ideas about the kind of photo to be developed... More
  • Noise, reducing it as

    by Omine77 | 24th of January, 2011

    One of the biggest problems that a photographer faces, is surely one of the "noise". Its effect is especially noticeable when using high ISO (up to about 400) and occurs mainly in the darker areas. In fact, in low light situations, the individual pixels that make up the sensor... More
  • Pet Photography: Getting that look with dogs

    by Visceralimage | 20th of January, 2011

    Part of my income stream comes from pet photography. I am sure I could make much more shooting weddings but I am not fond of Bridezillas. I get along much better with animals. When photographing dogs, owners want a picture of their pet that looks alert and responsive.... More
  • Colour shift in images after noise reduction in Noiseware

    by Gnohz | 19th of November, 2010

    I experienced a colour shift/saturation drop in my photographs when I processed them using the noise reduction software, Noiseware. The original images looked fine after converting to JPEG from the RAW files, but there is a significant change in colour/saturation when opening... More
  • Noisy photos ..

    by Infotrontof | 7th of October, 2010

    Had a bit of a problem myself .. too much noise in the photos. I thought the lens I used was at fault but a friend nicely showed me a few things I didn't know. This is gonna sound stupid to many of you but I'm sure quite a lot of newbies throwing themselves into stock photo... More
  • Checklist photography

    by P0temkin | 27th of July, 2010

    .... Exposure? Check. Rule of thirds? Check. Noise? Check. Focus? Check. White balance? Check. Boring? For sure. Im a photo newbie, so the above checklist is usually quite time consuming to get past. And getting the photo technically correct is important... but... More
  • They Say Pocket Digital Cameras Are No Good For Stock

    by Wisconsinart | 11th of February, 2010

    I've seen a post or two from people saying how difficult it is to get images accepted with low end cameras. Your ability with what you can do may be limited, but the truth is, low-end cameras take excellent pictures. There are a few of you out there where photography is in... More
  • Silence Is Golden

    by Littlelion | 6th of January, 2010

    Silence is golden. Really! When working from home, one must learn to make do with the resources available at hand, unless of course, the will and the wallet are high and deep, respectively. My very own challenge was reaching silence nirvana but happily, solution was just... More
  • Getting the most out of your gear - Noise

    by Digitalg | 7th of October, 2009

    Photographic gear, of course ;) Maybe the professional doesn't need to worry that much about grain/noise. Modern and professional (expensive) cameras create noise free images on most situations ... But I do worry about it, I can't afford top quality hardware so I have... More
  • RAW and EV setting

    by Pradi | 30th of May, 2009

    Underexposure or overexposure? It all depends the purpose of the pictures. If you just want to have some photos from your holiday or from a party with some friends, one tends to shoot in JPEG i.s.o. RAW. In many cases you would select a (semi-)auto setting. And typically... More
  • Noise Reduction

    by EmeraldUmbrellaStudio | 25th of January, 2009

    After my last trip to Costa rica I realized that I had lost close to 2000 shots due to my ISO setting causing noise. Since I have been home I have tried quite a few noise reduction solutions. So here they are. All photoshop plugins that work on cs4 extended Noise Ninja-... More
  • Making HDR Pictures (Part IIC)

    by Espion | 26th of August, 2008

    HDR pictures generated by Photomatix per se are not good enough for stock photos. There are three main defects that needs to be removed before it is of suitable quality, namely artefacts, high noise levels, and severe chromatic aberrations. These defects exist even... More
  • Shooting in RAW format to reduce noise

    by Retina2020 | 28th of May, 2008

    I've recently came back from a volunteering mission in Morocco. I needed to pack light so didn't bring my full camera gear and didn't bring my flash. Now not having a flash means that many of the indoor lighting conditions I had to shoot at high ISO which normally translates... More
  • The first you must do!!!

    by Pauloresende | 3rd of April, 2008

    In Easter i make a trip to Madrid. And i think to my self, "great i can relax and i can visit a new country and make some pictures for stock!" Maybe because i was on vacations i feel more relax and don´t pay attention to the details, the preparation. Travel all around the... More
  • Tack sharp and noiseless image

    by Shuttlecock | 14th of February, 2008

    If you constantly get rejections for blurred and noisy images, why not try your hand at Vectors. It can be a pain to learn but once you have gotten the basics you can really do wonderful things with Vectors. Almost lifelike 3d stuff. Here's a sample of what you can do... More
  • Which Brand

    by Redsun81 | 24th of September, 2007

    Why Canon,Why Nikon Why Sony?This is not a BRAND war Just curious what made you go for that particular brand .Excerpts from an Article "As you can see in my signature below, I’m a proud D200 owner and have been for almost 9 months. It has delivered in every situation... More
  • Fighting the noise.

    by Sebcz | 22nd of September, 2007

    Dealing with noise, especially when shooting at high ISOs, can be a frustrating thing to do. It can be done by playing with exposure, let me direct you to this blog article by Actionwatcher. If you use PS (most of us do) the easiest thing is to rely on a plugin. For many... More
  • Noise reduction: Overexpose, underdevelop

    by Actionwatcher | 19th of September, 2007

    Have you heard this formula? If you first camera was Kodak Instamatic you probably have. If you first camera was digital you probably haven't. Overexpose, underdevelop is an older (though still widely used in practice) way of shooting. In short it means that one should... More
  • Bad camera or bad Photographer?

    by Pauloresende | 29th of August, 2007

    On Saturday I go with some friends to a Canyon to make some canyoning. Of course that my machine (fujifilm 9600) come along, I was a little afraid because electronics and water don´t mix. That was a great chance to make great pictures. Beautiful landscape, and people doing... More

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