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  • Army Daze

    by Fertographer | 28th of February, 2008

    First time doing a TFCD (time for CD) with a male model and he agreed for the pictures to be put on DT. Which is a bonus because I get to learn to shoot portraiture outdoors as well as benefit from commercial sales here. For those who like army stuff, here are some sample... More
  • Natures change

    by Dcwcreations | 10th of February, 2008

    This winter has really been tough on a summer lover like me. It seems that every weekend it's 20 below zero and 40 mile per hour winds. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Within two months this snow covered field will be full of fresh green grass .... More
  • Live in old Beijing

    by Linqong | 2nd of February, 2008

    Hutong of Beijing Remember some scholar said, the person living in Beijing generally, once left, will keep thinking about it in the main, indeed, the big and small hutong here and that fan door opened the Chinese courtyard house to the hutong. The hutong and blue sky covered... More
  • The Teatro Massimo

    by Arcadia_dreamstime | 16th of January, 2008

    The Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele is an opera house and opera company too. It is located on the Piazza Verdi in Palermo (Sicily), and It was dedicated to King Victor Emanuel II. It was built by the architect Giovanni Battista Filippo Basile, and after his death 1891, by... More
  • Cold is Relative

    by Torchdesigns | 19th of December, 2007

    “It's cold outside”, I thought to myself yesterday morning. The sun had not yet risen and I was weary about leaving the comfortable warmth of my apartment, only to get into my icebox of a car, and drive 20 min to work. It was the coldest it had been all year. My hands... More
  • SAFE ! best news i have gotten in months

    by Denisebeverly | 3rd of November, 2007

    photojay , who has been serving in iraq as a soldier with the US Army is safe and on his way back home !! my good friend, jay, who is my mentor in the stock world is finally on the last leg of the journey home from Iraq. Jay is one of the people i met early on in my association... More
  • For my curiosity....

    by Charon | 8th of October, 2007

    Hi, I'm just wondering, how big is your dreamstime folder(s) now? For me, including every related files with all the pictures, have grown up to 6.88GB. It's still very small and I'm happy 2 DVDs will backup everything. More
  • You can buy royalty-free photos?

    by Russel77 | 4th of October, 2007

    Wow! I've been using the Internet since back when it was still the ARPANET and I had no idea that one could buy royalty-free photos until just a few days ago. I've been in real estate as a Realtor, property investor, and home inspector (among other professions) for over... More
  • Great Masters: Harold Edgerton

    by Maigi | 24th of September, 2007

    Every person is a miracle, everyone has its gifts, its quirks. Some leave their mark in the world, some leave it in the hearts of loved ones. Everyone is remembered for a shorter or longer time. Everyone is special. I'd like to highlight some great photographers and artist,... More
  • Don't Throw Away Your Film Camera

    by Shootalot | 20th of September, 2007

    Recently I have been scanning some old negatives from 1988 and have discovered quite a few nice photos. With film going out of style the temptation is to sell the old film camera for a song or even give it away. I tried that with an Olympus XA but found that that camera... More

    by Alexdoc | 19th of September, 2007

    I LOVE THE OLD, RUINED, DEGRADED THINGS. Here a selection of the beautiful photographies that show degradation and abandonment. Places and objects tell in the degradation their history. My Collection | Grunge - Rusty - Old - Crumbled - Abandoned Spaces, Objects or buildings More
  • Folders

    by Ladykassie | 18th of September, 2007

    Sorry about the old one.. but here is a newer one.. It's basically for poser and bryce.. but you can change the folder names: New Organizer Thanks Alice See Article
  • Old school web tutorial :P

    by Northman | 17th of September, 2007

    I found this website on the internet and found its old school look pretty funny. it might be old but it can still be handy so i shared the link with ya guys. See Article
  • Rocking chair.

    by Sebcz | 11th of September, 2007

    I had a thought today. Rocking chair - a piece of furniture which is so old yet still many people have them. Feels nostalgic, feels almost like from another era. I was so amazed I saw one in my friends' house, which is rather a modern one in design. Do you think we will... More
  • Arghhhhh...old, senile, superficious

    by Ejla | 10th of September, 2007

    I've just written a long article about my age, attitude, life before computers, life with computers...and the troubles that BBCode made today to me, and than wanted to make a link to my latest approved picture, and I have missed something, and everything disappeared :( Maybe... More
  • using old / vintage photos for stock?

    by Israeltunis | 31st of August, 2007

    anyone know what the policy is for using vintage photos? in particular vintage photos with people. I have acquired a large box of family photos [+1500]. many of these are from the 1930's - 1950's. most are of my grandmother and grandfather and family members. There are some... More
  • Make someone look older

    by Tonygers | 26th of August, 2007

    Here's another Photoshop Tutorial that's more a bit of fun than something that you'll actually have to use to make your images better. The tutorial itself is very in depth and time consuming but if you perhaps want to see what yourself or maybe a loved one would look like... More
  • Out of the creative abyss

    by Maigi | 21st of August, 2007

    Don't know what to shoot? Where to find ideas? How to climb out of the creative abyss you have fell into? If you feel like your creative juices have stopped flowing, you can try out The Idea Generator. Too funny... Just try to shoot concept shots under those topics...... More
  • Oldest Image on Dreamstime

    by Petarneychev | 14th of August, 2007

    Did you know that currently this is the oldest available image on Dreamstime? :) It has been downloaded 10 times and viewed about 3500 times, and it shouldn't be a major surprise that it's owned by our dear Serban. You can currently buy the full rights of it for $3000... More
  • Holding real pictures in my hand

    by Limeyrunner | 10th of August, 2007

    Recently I entered a photography contest that required 4" by 6" prints. I put some images on a disk and headed off to the local Kodak machine to print them out (my printer is not quite up to the job!) Only when they came out of the machine, all warm and shiny, did I realize... More

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