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  • Perfect Zoo Pictures

    by Clewisleake | 5th of August, 2014

    Photographing Zoo animals has always been a favorite outing for me albeit a bit tricky, for me taking pictures of zoo animals is like fishing in the ocean you never know what behavior your going to capture, are the animals going to be enjoying a day of laying in shade or... More
  • Getting it right before making the shot

    by AuthenticCreations | 22nd of May, 2013

    The digital generation gives us the possibility to shoot as many images as you like so that we can afterwards edit them with software. Especially when you shoot in RAW you will have the extra space without losing any quality. Because of this reason many of us use to spend... More
  • Taking pictures in harsh cold

    by Risto40 | 25th of February, 2012

    I was recently taking pictures outside in a temperature about -30C. I noticed that at such temperature, when you repeatedly take off your lens cap or changing filters without gloves or thin cloves that are warm due to your own body temperature, then it may happen that your... More
  • Keep in the loop

    by Birksphotography | 15th of February, 2012

    Uploading images and then waiting in line for the review for seven or eight days can be frustrating. Something you'll want to keep from doing because it can limit the amount of time you have to get sesonal shots done is waiting to upload new images until the old ones get... More
  • Some points to remember photographing Kids

    by Tamas | 23rd of February, 2011

    Photographing children is a difficult matter but if you can produce a good set of photographs you will have priceless, cute, heartmelting and striking moments. 1.The closer you can get, you will not regret. 2.Get down with your belly on the floor 3.Speed is what... More
  • How to set the light when food photographing

    by lzf | 20th of December, 2010

    The effect of the food taken is to make people look great appetite, even though that food is not easy to shoot, but once you have taken the most difficult food issues distribution of light, shot up on the handy. Light layout properly, it is easy to show the texture of foods,... More
  • Cold weather for photocameras

    by Starblue | 1st of December, 2010

    I love the winter season, especially the days like today. It is full of snow here, everything is so white. Together with blue sky, it creates a wonderful romantic atmosphere. I love snow - as well as our golden retriever, so he has nothing against when we go to photograph... More
  • World tennis comes to Bali

    by Komar | 7th of November, 2010

    The impressively named Tournament of Champions is the last WTA tennis tournament of 2010. The event is being held indoors at the Bali International Convention Centre, which during the rainy season is a very wise move. Initially, I pondered whether I should attend or... More
  • Photographing trees

    by Starblue | 26th of August, 2010

    I love all beauty of nature - oceans, rivers, meadows, mountains, flowers, animals - esp. wolves, dogs, cats, dolphins, horses, birds. And... I love also trees. They are very beautiful "models" :-) Like this one - in the moment I have seen this tree, I wanted to photograph... More
  • Nature Photography Day - June 15

    by Aginger | 15th of June, 2010

    The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) has announced that June 15 is the first observation of National Nature Photography Day. Special date first appeared in the 2006 edition of McGraw-Hill's reference work Chases's Calendar of Events. Activities... More
  • A year with Dreamstime

    by Angelaravaioli | 11th of December, 2009

    Hello everyone, I have entered this site last 11 December 2008, and today is 11 December 2009. I uploaded 265 photos indeed it I uploaded many more and 265 are those that were accepted. Until now I made 52 sales and I have not yet reached the 100 $ and this site continues... More
  • Objects without lightbox

    by Aginger | 17th of June, 2009

    Finally I found a perfect monitor - calibrating is *ߢ$&#! :) - , so let's see a more useful post (I hope). What about object photographing? All successful stock-photographers have two main themes - people and/or isolated objects. In my part I don't like to sell my family... More
  • Photographing a running woman with sunset

    by Starblue | 12th of June, 2009

    In this period, there is beautiful cloudy sky. The beauty is emphasized in sunset. I couldn´t but make some photos of sunset sky for my sky archive. But then I have also asked my friend to come with me in meadow and to "make" running woman. I was very pleased with... More
  • Comfort zone

    by Alexhor | 20th of May, 2009

    Here is something that may help beginners in their approach to take a better shot. It is not technical stuff but more a way of thinking. Many pros will agree that creative thinking or "thinking out of box" can sometimes be very difficult thing to do. We are thinking beings... More
  • Eagles

    by Teekaygee | 19th of November, 2008

    I love eagles. I am very fortunate to live only a one hour drive from a place where the eagles gather in late fall and early winter to feast on spawning salmon. Harrison Mills, British Columbia is home to literally hundreds of Bald Eagles at this time of year. It is quite... More
  • Photographing Children - From a Child's Point of View

    by Cynthi | 19th of June, 2008

    Not a day goes by that I don't hear something profound from the mouths of babes. Photographing children for as long as I have, has given me a good bit of expertise. But I still learn something new everyday. My tiny subjects add laughter and joy to my life - not to mention... More
  • Photographing Children - Go With the Flow

    by Cynthi | 6th of May, 2008

    Photographing children can be rewarding and challenging. It is 10% technical ability and 90% psychology. If I knew that my job, for the remainder of my life, would depend exclusively on photographing children - and - I was given a choice between the very best camera equipment... More
  • My photography,my study,my life

    by Guopeng | 9th of April, 2008

    This year, i Established my Studio with other three partners.To have a studio of myself in which I can do my favourate thing----photographing, is always my dream. and today,i realized it ! I contribute it to my family,my friends,my dear girl friend,who always support me on... More
  • My Neighborhood

    by Shootalot | 13th of September, 2007

    Many people believe that you have to travel to a beautiful place to take good photographs. There may be many photographic possibilities just outside of your home. Try photographing gardens, architecture, changing seasons and construction projects. What might be boring... More
  • Is the trash your best friend?

    by Starblue | 19th of August, 2007

    I´ve heard several photographers affirmed: “The best photographer’s friend is the trash”. I know several photographers who have no mercy with photos that aren’t perfect at the first side (or after a small color adjustment). I can’t say the same about me.... More

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