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  • Model releases are real? Really?

    by Valerii | 29th of September, 2009

    Yesterday I met my friend and told about DT, about stock photos, about all issues and about necessary for sale of a photo documents (Model or property release). And He asked me "How managers of DT or buyers of you stock photo with model on it, How they learn that the model... More
  • New assignment

    by Aginger | 20th of August, 2009

    Wohoooa, at least, a perfect one for me! Sea, sun, fun...And be prepared, I'll be the model :) - I hope, DT will approve my pics, I'll upload them today's evening (or as soon as I can)...if I'll be lucky, I'll let you know, but till then wish good luck to me! :) Anyway,... More
  • One way to shoot people without needing a model release form

    by Kenishirotie | 24th of June, 2009

    I just want to share in this blog one way to shoot people oriented stock photo without needing a model release form. For those who are new to stock photography, any photo with recognizable persons in it must have an accompanying model release form or else it can be sold only... More
  • Comfort zone

    by Alexhor | 20th of May, 2009

    Here is something that may help beginners in their approach to take a better shot. It is not technical stuff but more a way of thinking. Many pros will agree that creative thinking or "thinking out of box" can sometimes be very difficult thing to do. We are thinking beings... More
  • Frequent mistakes in model releases

    by Nikitu | 15th of April, 2009

    Today I am going to talk about some frequent mistakes I come across in contributors' model releases. This blog is meant first of all to help contributors have less refusals based on model releases. These are the steps you should take when dealing with people photography:... More
  • Model Releases in Poverty - 2

    by Thefinalmiracle | 20th of March, 2009

    I do not know if everyone has read or remembers my earlier blog on the same topic. Those who have not or need to be refreshed can read it here - Model Releases in Poverty - 1 . Recently I encountered a new experience in my usual foray into getting model releases from poor... More
  • model releases

    by Digitalreflections | 10th of December, 2008

    Like a lot of my fellow Dreamstime contributors, I also upload to other microstock sites. It seams that they would prefer you to use their model release form. I can't imagine asking a model to sign four, five, or more releases for one shoot. Can someone point me to a generic... More
  • My first Model Picture Accepted!

    by Asklar | 10th of December, 2008

    Boy is it hard getting a picture with a model accepted. The model release alone is difficult enough and then you have to get the person to agree to it. However, I finally talked this man into modeling for me. He makes for a cute model huh? He is also my new Fiance so........ More
  • Did your model get paid?

    by 70sphotography | 9th of December, 2008

    >After great efforts of asking my colleague to sign the MR, I successfully uploaded my first MR image. It's quite a tough task for me to get the model release. I found there are many successful MR images in DT and wondered whether the model get paid from the images? I... More
  • Model Release for editorial images

    by Agripina | 27th of October, 2008

    Hey people!!!! Would you be so kind to explain me this thing with editorial images.... As I could see from others you dont need to have this. Yeah, I can imagine myself breaking my way through the crowd to get some VIP/star/celebrity (Queen of England for example)... More
  • A mistake that I will NEVER EVER make again!

    by Rebeccaosborn | 5th of August, 2008

    ok, so 3 weeks ago, I did a photo shoot with a friend of mine. I was happy with the results and so was she. She signed the model release and i worked away at uploading the pics, and patiently waiting for them to be reviewed and hopefully accepted! So I waited and waited.... More
  • Model Release

    by Sparkmom | 29th of July, 2008

    We submit primarily model released images to Dreamstime and a few select other sites. There are several different ways we obtain these model released images for our microstock submissions. We have a sign up area for potential models on our website: www.sparklingmoments.... More
  • My hobby is taking over my life!!!

    by Laurenwilliams | 24th of July, 2008

    Its been a month since I joined, and I'm already addicted. After submitting a small tester set of 6 of my best images (two rejected) and then jetting off to the egypt for a wonderful vacation, I was really pleasantly surprised to find that I had a sale on not one, but two... More
  • Another milestone!

    by Cleaper | 3rd of June, 2008

    I spent last weekend with my parents in the English countryside and so finally managed to add another model to my portfolio...it's much easier to get a release signed by a family member if you suggest that one day you could make some money from stock and buy them something... More
  • Model release thoughts

    by Sebcz | 5th of May, 2008

    Thanks to one of the DT bloggers, I discovered a Dan Heller's blog. So full of good read! Definitely a must in your blog-roll. To the point. We all know how strict the rules regarding the MRs are when we post our images. A face is recognisable? No MR, no approval, period.... More
  • Models and Logos

    by Charlesoutcalt | 21st of March, 2008

    If you read this blog regularly (and really, does anyone?), you might remember my happy story about working up the nerve to ask a rock climber I encountered if he would sign a model release. We were in Joshua Tree at a beautiful time of day, just about an hour before sunset.... More
  • Getting That Model Release

    by Charlesoutcalt | 3rd of March, 2008

    So there I was, watching an intrepid climber sling himself up a sheer rock face in Joshua Tree National Park. The light was golden, about 30 minutes before sunset. My angle was perfect to capture the climber going up. Without him, the rock face was 'pretty,' but not all... More
  • Model Releases in Poverty

    by Thefinalmiracle | 19th of February, 2008

    This blog is dedicated to ‘Carmen’ one of our dear admins here, for inspiring me to write blogs again. Hmmm... Carmen why dont you write a blog soon on 'Cars' & 'Men' inspired by me :P hehe. Though this blog is mainly useful for Indian photographer,... More
  • Finding opportunities for stock in what seems to be not

    by Fertographer | 8th of November, 2007

    I was at a shopping mall one day to try my hands on shooting some runway shots. It was my first and probably last as I got bored of it. It didn't mean a thing to have the faces of the models and clothes I won't buy kept in my harddisk. At least that is me. Haha So,... More
  • My Favorite Model

    by Bluerabbit | 4th of October, 2007

    My favorite model is always handy. He is a good sport. He has a wonderful face and a fantastic sense of humor. Unlike friends and neighbors, he does not balk when he reads model releases. He looks like a professor, which isn't surprising, because he was a teacher for 25... More

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