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  • Kiss !

    by Davidwatmough | 3rd of June, 2010

    I remembered yesterday the Kiss principle.... 'keep it simple stupid' and it clearly is a rule worth following in Microstock submissions. And of course, when all is said and done, its the quality which counts when it comes down to sales ! More
  • My first 100 sales !! ^0^

    by Youths | 26th of May, 2010

    My first 100 sales !! ^0^ Wohoooooooooo!! Finally!!!! I would like to share with you the pleasure! I had 100 sales yesterday evening (GMT+8:00 )! I actively to upload files of the beginnings in February 02, 2010! Thats really great!! Thanks! Thanks... More
  • The Roman Numeral C… the Prefix Centi- … the Word Hundred… Yes, 100!

    by Jeniicorv8 | 26th of May, 2010

    Good morning my dear Dreamstimers! Indeed it was a good morning for me. I received two sweet, complimentary comments from fellow-DTers. Then, looking at the top right hand corner of my DT page, there was an increase in my earnings to date, which hinted to me that…... More
  • My first level 3 image,an unlikely one it was...

    by Mgkuijpers | 26th of May, 2010

    I am pretty new to Dreamstime,joined in December 2009. After looking around for an online agency that suited me i found that Dreamstime fitted me best and became exclusive. I upload many rare,endangered,colorful and weird animals but guess what, the image that still... More
  • Exciting time! Only 1 sale to achieve that famous 100 sales !

    by Youths | 26th of May, 2010

    ------------^@^------------ Exciting time! 99 sales! Only 1 sale to achieve that famous 100 sales ! Which picture will be sold, to be continued and stay tuned... ------------^0^------------ See Article
  • Time is near, 1 sale more and 100 sales is reached

    by Terhox | 21st of May, 2010

    For me it's quite an achievement to reach first 100 sales, it's my first real milestone. It took quite a long time, but when I moved fully to Dreamstime, I have got many times more sales. Sometimes it's hard to believe, that here are over 8 million images, and still my small... More
  • Sales have finally started to come

    by Mythja | 19th of May, 2010

    i was beginning to worry when my 50 uploads produces no sales. but patience is virtue, they say. it's not much but i am proud of my few first sales. :)) See Article
  • So let's rock exclusively for Dreamstime!

    by Terhox | 12th of May, 2010

    At first sorry about my not so perfect english, but then I am from Finland ;) This is my first post to my blog. I just want to tell that after becoming to exclusive member, my sales have risen like rocket going to space comparing to time before exclusivity! I am very happy... More
  • Shooting editorial

    by Julia161 | 12th of May, 2010

    Hi ;) Today I'd like to share why I like to shoot editorials. Editorial can be any sort of meaningful event image - national holidays celebration, parade, sports game or show programme, sometimes - a landmark with people or just a street scene typical for some place.... More
  • Over 50 and counting.

    by Mythja | 8th of May, 2010

    This weekend my portfolio started to get" big". LOL. it's been over 50 images online. i am really pleased about it since i am here for two months now. and first sales have finally started to come. i am still learning a lot and getting to know how things work. ]many thanks to all of you. wish you all the best. More
  • 100 sales

    by Rosedarc | 7th of May, 2010

    Today after 8 months at DT I reach 100 sales with this picture! March and April were just awesome months and I hope to get many more like these. One level 3 image, 2 level 2 and 2 more photos standing at 4 sales; 48 different pictures sold, closing on 200 uploads. My current... More
  • 600 Images on line today in just 12 months !

    by Davidwatmough | 4th of May, 2010

    I note that sales increase almost exponentially as one's on-line total reaches 500. Learning how to earn money from good images is not rocket science ! A penny for your thoughts on how I might do even better. Constructive criticism will be welcome. Thanks to members... More
  • My First 2 Level

    by Marcomayer | 3rd of May, 2010

    After my 100 th sales my First 2 level is a picture of my Daughter my favorites models, now after 4 month in DT a little statistic, more 500 files on line, total sales 117, 13 sales in only one day, acceptance ratio in April 91.10 % total 85,7 %, i am very happy,Thank all... More
  • Monthly Report - April 2010

    by Davulcu | 30th of April, 2010

    April was a quite good month for me with 145 uploads and reaching 125 sales at total. As a part of my plan, I reached 462 images in a short time and will keep my hard work in coming months too. My acceptance ratio increased to 52.8 % which enables me uploading of 10... More
  • 300 sales!!!

    by Francy874 | 30th of April, 2010

    Hello everyone! Today i'm very excited because yesterday I reached 300 sales! It 's a very important milestone for me because although I'm enrolled to TD by August 2009, my work with illustrations began in November 2009, so I reached this milestone in only five months. For... More
  • My 100 th sale

    by Marcomayer | 29th of April, 2010

    Finally my 100 th sale i hope to increase more,.... tanks all buyers See Article
  • 300 sales!

    by Bidermann | 29th of April, 2010

    Today I have already had the 300th sale. I am very satisfied and I am very grateful to all buyers and DT team. This is my 300th photo sold: See Article
  • My first Level 3!

    by Mani33 | 27th of April, 2010

    I just want to share you my happiness with my first level 3 image! Only this month it sold 3 times! Good luck in sales everybody! Cheers ;) See Article
  • 150 sales!

    by Charlydamart | 27th of April, 2010

    I reached my last milestone: 150 sales with this image: Thanks to all buyers for their confidence! See Article
  • Maintaining a balance

    by Tan510jomast | 20th of April, 2010

    This month I celebrate my anniversary with Dreamstime as a contributor. It's been a very trying and testing year in micro stock especially for me, since I started out being more or less a "sunday micro stock photographer" shooting only weekends for Dreamstime and others.... More

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