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  • My first $100 payout!

    by Groovychick69 | 28th of June, 2010

    My Earnings balance is: $101.44. I have reached the payout barrier for the first time. The download that put me over the top is my "Multicolored Heart Shaped Puzzle" image. Finally all my hard work is starting to payoff. See Article
  • Stock Sinners, Repent! The Stock World Is Ending! Repent!

    by Wisconsinart | 23rd of June, 2010

    O! Bretheren! Judgment of thy Stock World is nigh! Are thou preparest to meet thy Reviewer when Stock as we know it descends into the Pit of Fire? It is no longer 2005, my Bretheren, the days when any image could be slapped onto thy internet and wouldest sell. The End is... More
  • Sales milestone:

    by Newsfocus1 | 19th of June, 2010

    Having joined Dreamstime last September, I am delighted to report that I have just had my 100th sale here. Fittingly, the image was taken where I live -the beach at Hastings in Sussex, England. Now on to 200 sales! Regards, David. See Article
  • 2,000th download!

    by Walleyelj | 17th of June, 2010

    Well, not too long ago I marked my 1,000th upload (1,038 right now). Today, a huge personal milestone - 2,ooo downloads! Here's the lucky image: Given the fact that I have limited time to devote to my photography (my day job has nothing to do with photography), it's pretty... More
  • 101 Sales! A New Personal Best!

    by Groovychick69 | 15th of June, 2010

    101 Sales! A New Personal Best! Hopefully I break the $100 payout barrier soon. See Article
  • First payout and over 100 sales

    by Mellie430 | 13th of June, 2010

    I reached over a hundred sales and finally got to my first payout a while back and forgot to post. Trying to get back into uploading more. Thanks to everyone. This picture was a big factor in me reaching goals. See Article
  • finally 100 sales

    by Yuritz | 11th of June, 2010

    Ten months later,sounds like lots of time,I finally reach the 100 sales;if I think I'm not a photographer and I start learning and looking to increase my knowledge about photography around an year ago...well,I should be proud of the result. Never had the time to go to... More
  • Surprise, surprise

    by Cristalloid | 6th of June, 2010

    What a nice suprise when I logged in here at DT today... This image reached Level 2, it's my first one at this level... I didn't expect that THIS image would get any sales; to be honest: I dithered to load it up because I expected a refusal... Thanks to DT... More
  • Kiss !

    by Davidwatmough | 3rd of June, 2010

    I remembered yesterday the Kiss principle.... 'keep it simple stupid' and it clearly is a rule worth following in Microstock submissions. And of course, when all is said and done, its the quality which counts when it comes down to sales ! More
  • My first 100 sales !! ^0^

    by Youths | 26th of May, 2010

    My first 100 sales !! ^0^ Wohoooooooooo!! Finally!!!! I would like to share with you the pleasure! I had 100 sales yesterday evening (GMT+8:00 )! I actively to upload files of the beginnings in February 02, 2010! Thats really great!! Thanks Dreamstime.com! Thanks... More
  • The Roman Numeral C… the Prefix Centi- … the Word Hundred… Yes, 100!

    by Jeniicorv8 | 26th of May, 2010

    Good morning my dear Dreamstimers! Indeed it was a good morning for me. I received two sweet, complimentary comments from fellow-DTers. Then, looking at the top right hand corner of my DT page, there was an increase in my earnings to date, which hinted to me that…... More
  • My first level 3 image,an unlikely one it was...

    by Mgkuijpers | 26th of May, 2010

    I am pretty new to Dreamstime,joined in December 2009. After looking around for an online agency that suited me i found that Dreamstime fitted me best and became exclusive. I upload many rare,endangered,colorful and weird animals but guess what, the image that still... More
  • Exciting time! Only 1 sale to achieve that famous 100 sales !

    by Youths | 26th of May, 2010

    ------------^@^------------ Exciting time! 99 sales! Only 1 sale to achieve that famous 100 sales ! Which picture will be sold, to be continued and stay tuned... ------------^0^------------ See Article
  • Time is near, 1 sale more and 100 sales is reached

    by Terhox | 21st of May, 2010

    For me it's quite an achievement to reach first 100 sales, it's my first real milestone. It took quite a long time, but when I moved fully to Dreamstime, I have got many times more sales. Sometimes it's hard to believe, that here are over 8 million images, and still my small... More
  • Sales have finally started to come

    by Mythja | 19th of May, 2010

    i was beginning to worry when my 50 uploads produces no sales. but patience is virtue, they say. it's not much but i am proud of my few first sales. :)) See Article
  • So let's rock exclusively for Dreamstime!

    by Terhox | 12th of May, 2010

    At first sorry about my not so perfect english, but then I am from Finland ;) This is my first post to my blog. I just want to tell that after becoming to exclusive member, my sales have risen like rocket going to space comparing to time before exclusivity! I am very happy... More
  • Shooting editorial

    by Julia161 | 12th of May, 2010

    Hi ;) Today I'd like to share why I like to shoot editorials. Editorial can be any sort of meaningful event image - national holidays celebration, parade, sports game or show programme, sometimes - a landmark with people or just a street scene typical for some place.... More
  • Over 50 and counting.

    by Mythja | 8th of May, 2010

    This weekend my portfolio started to get" big". LOL. it's been over 50 images online. i am really pleased about it since i am here for two months now. and first sales have finally started to come. i am still learning a lot and getting to know how things work. ]many thanks to all of you. wish you all the best. More
  • 100 sales

    by Rosedarc | 7th of May, 2010

    Today after 8 months at DT I reach 100 sales with this picture! March and April were just awesome months and I hope to get many more like these. One level 3 image, 2 level 2 and 2 more photos standing at 4 sales; 48 different pictures sold, closing on 200 uploads. My current... More
  • 600 Images on line today in just 12 months !

    by Davidwatmough | 4th of May, 2010

    I note that sales increase almost exponentially as one's on-line total reaches 500. Learning how to earn money from good images is not rocket science ! A penny for your thoughts on how I might do even better. Constructive criticism will be welcome. Thanks to members... More

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