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  • 1000 sales

    by Mitch1921 | 8th of November, 2009

    I've just reached another milestone. 1000 DLs !!! Here is the 1000th. I'm so excited.. Until now my earning gets better and better every month. Wish you all the best and success,too.... :) :) :) See Article
  • laughing your way to the bank

    by Tan510jomast | 3rd of November, 2009

    funny face ! that's one of my all time favourite movies of my eternal favourite model and movie star , Audrey Hepburn. i am a funny dude but nature. i was not like that all my life. when i was a teenager, i was the most unpleasant person you wish you'd never have met.... More
  • Unlucky month

    by Mildegard | 31st of October, 2009

    This october appears to be the unluckiest month for me. My revenue this month is 9.33$ only. Even when I had three times less images online my month revenue was higher. I wonder what happened... Is it a kind of autumn depression among the buyers or just my personal misforture?... More
  • New Sales OfP-EL License

    by Ongchangwei | 28th of October, 2009

    Very happy, Year 2009 first time sales with P-EL License. This photo i taken in Brisbane History Church. Before my last sales is on 10/30/2008. Very long time got one sales, but i still very happy and very hard work to hit another sales. More
  • Good month!

    by Charlydamart | 28th of October, 2009

    October has been a good month for me in Dreamstime. Three of my images get level 2!!! And I have two more with 4 downloads (near level two) I hope this way will continue!!! Thanks to all buyers! More
  • Trend line

    by Amitai | 26th of October, 2009

    Today I reached my sales goal for the first time since I've joined DT, 30$ per day. When you think about it, it's not much, only 600$ a month (Average of 20 days of sales a month, for me), but considering the fact this is a passive income from photos uploaded long time... More
  • 100 sales !!!

    by Defun | 23rd of October, 2009

    haha^^ over 100 sales now!!! Happyyyyyyyyy^^ 7 months working on DT, 454 uploads, over 100 sales now !!!!! This is the 100th image See Article
  • Four Months Since Last Uploads

    by Indy2320 | 23rd of October, 2009

    It has been four months since the last time i uploaded any images to Dreamstime.There for awhile i thought i had forgotten how to go through the process and "BAM" it came back to me. Well,after going through the acceptance process my two images where accepted and my acceptance... More
  • Came- Aim- Fame

    by Amitai | 16th of October, 2009

    I want to talk about simplicity. One of my best selling photos was simple to shoot and shows none of the skills I have learned in photo school. To be honest I don't even know, why it had succeeded so much because technically I have done nothing but aiming at the subject... More
  • Becoming Exclusive

    by Amitai | 16th of October, 2009

    I did it, I am an exclusive photographer with I am in thestock photography business for 5 years. During that time, the steadiest rise in sale was thru I average 5$ in the first few months, today I average 500% more sales. I don't know... More
  • More advantage of donating free images

    by Julia161 | 14th of October, 2009

    Hi, Friends. I already wrote about my experiments with free images in this article and since then I moved a bit further ;) - donated few more pictures and noticed that most of my new sales became n/a, many of which were the pictures showed when viewing the free ones. So,... More
  • My first year in DT

    by Charlydamart | 13th of October, 2009

    Time flies! It seems yesterday when I registered in DT and it was one year ago. One Year in DT. Wow! I am just a photography lover, and I thought “Can I earn some Money with my passion?” And looking thought Internet I discovered some Micro stock Photography web sites.... More
  • Give them what they want!

    by Antloft | 13th of October, 2009

    So, 2 months in and not great results. At the moment searching around for the right content that will interest enough buyers and generate sales. My latest train of thought has been background content as this is something that I would use also. The trick is making it interesting... More
  • Recession and Dreamstime Survey

    by Retina2020 | 8th of October, 2009

    As everyone one knows we have been bombarded with news about the Financial Collapse and the Global Recession. And I'm sure it has affected everyone in one way or another. But how has it affected Dreamstime and your sales? From all the improvements and features added to... More
  • reached my first 100$

    by Intrepix | 3rd of October, 2009

    Recently I got my first 100$ together which makes me very proud. So I take this occasion to write my first blog entry. My sales here keep on getting better. So I am looking forward to an exciting time and promise to show up in the community more. See Article
  • My September

    by Rangpl | 2nd of October, 2009

    I wanted to submit more in September... didn't happened. But now i have more time and started already the ride. September was second month with no uploads - few photos entered my portfolio in last three days of the month but these don't count. As You can see... More
  • Reasons to be an exclusive photographer

    by Charlydamart | 29th of September, 2009

    I am in microstocks photography since last summer, and when I startes I registered in all websites I found. In less than 6 months I have discovered why it’s better to be an exclusive photographer (obviously in Dreamstime). Here you have my reasons: 1.You’ll get better... More
  • 150 images online :)

    by Frantab01 | 23rd of September, 2009

    yay, i've got just over 150 images online and i'm thrilled, sales are coming in slowly, it's still very exciting when i see my balance increase. - I'm now hoping that i'll mange to have another 50 images soon :) More
  • Total sales 1000

    by Justmeyo | 23rd of September, 2009

    This moment 1000 photos of mine were sold .:)) That's a great success for me! . The last downloaded photo was that I am very excited because I grew in sales from month to month and also portfolio has increased . Thank you Dreamstime,thank you buyers that you... More
  • 100 uploads!

    by Kikkerdirk | 21st of September, 2009

    I reached 100 uploads! But more exiting, sales are rising quickly. I only have 16 until now but 9 of them were sold during the last week. Did my previous blog help? Did my collections help? I just don't know, I only see nice results, not the causes. Within two weeks I will... More

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