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  • I am in January sales

    by Photobee | 9th of March, 2010

    Sales of good photos. A good photograph is a unique idea. If you want more downloads, then brains to creative. I have been such as to encourage their own. and strive to See Article
  • Photographic

    by Danienel | 9th of March, 2010

    It's very ironic, that I would shoot an image depicting my very situation a month or 2 later. I've been shooting lots of Easter images as well, so I hope that bodes well! However, I've never felt so close to images like I have to the above after the last financial year-... More
  • Pixmac

    by Charlydamart | 2nd of March, 2010

    Hi to all! I have found a new page on stock photography: www.********.com I don't know if it is real, but there you can see some of your pictures... I guess it's real, because it say "powered by dreamstime". I think it's a good idea to increase the dreamstime... More
  • My first...

    by Miluxian | 1st of March, 2010

    I had my first image approved on DT more than one year ago and after three months I started to sell pictures one by one. It was the moment when I realised I shouldn’t have given up the idea of stock photography so easily. And I started to upload massively (according to... More
  • 2nd Year Anniversary - Giving Thanks to All

    by Ratmandude | 26th of February, 2010

    This months message has to to be related to my 2nd year anniversary here as a DT member. I have now been a contributing member [photographer] of this community for two years & am very happy to report that every month things are going from good to better. I say [photographer]... More
  • 50 sales!

    by Sylvaindeutsch | 25th of February, 2010

    yesterday i got 50 sales, since one year i'm here, took long to start download, but then went without stop until now, i like it, hope i will get more. let's see! See Article
  • 500 sales today.

    by Dcwcreations | 23rd of February, 2010

    I remember my first sale on Dreamstime and to be honest I still get the same feeling everytime I look and find out that one of my photos sold. But today is a little special because I have hit the 500 sales mark. I also am very happy it was my crop irrigation photo... More
  • Sales in January 2010 report

    by Rangpl | 20th of February, 2010

    It's almost been a YEAR since i started DreamsTime adventure (in fact my whole microstock activity). I am not very happy especially with my slow portfolio growth.. somehow just can't make things go faster. I've learned a lot during this period... More
  • My most viewed files with less DL, are they so bad?

    by Titania1980 | 14th of February, 2010

    Should I put them for free? or just leave and wait for sales? I woukd like to make a bit promotion of my more viewed files with less downloads and if someone is interested in them maybe wants to buy or if someone can give me advice to improve them and re upload ;) well,... More
  • 100 sales!

    by Charlydamart | 12th of February, 2010

    Finally I got a new milestone. 100 sales!! These are the last 5. Thanks to all buyers... and please continue downloaded images. See Article
  • Two hundred Plus

    by Goodcontent | 9th of February, 2010

    Just crossed the 200 image upload boundary and heading for more, Increasing sales as the portfolio numbers increase. A couple of new Computer Animations on my new website at: http//www.stevekellerphoto.com Days are getting longer with more light heading into summer.... More
  • Assisted walking

    by Melastmohican | 4th of February, 2010

    This photo become quite popular across all agencies I am submitting. For me it is a proof it was done right. It was whole family collaboration, I am on a picture with my daughter Maya and my wife took a picture. See Article
  • This shot was well worth bearing the heat for

    by Komar | 2nd of February, 2010

    Last month I had my first downloads for this image, 6 and 7 credit purchases. Today I got my first Dreamstime Extended license (P-EL). The beach itself is quite a popular one, but it was HOT and I probably wouldn't have gone out myself, however I was showing a friend... More
  • Stats for November & December

    by Rangpl | 2nd of February, 2010

    Here are some stats I share monthly about Dreamstime performance of my portfolio. I know it's useful for beginners as it was for me. Portfolio size: 173 images since January 24, 2009 12 images at level 2 4 images at level 3 215 sales November: -63% DL, -63%... More
  • Image downloaded 57 times, here is the keyword stat for this image.

    by Creativei | 31st of January, 2010

    First of I’m promoting this image, which has been my best seller in terms of revenue generated. Now as the image is in level five stage, and if someone buy a vector format I have a chance to earn 34 credits. Well let’s leave apart the marketing strategy, and come to... More
  • A Few Unrelated Items

    by Shadow69 | 29th of January, 2010

    As a follow up to one of my previous blogs “Desperately Seeking … Me”, a simple search on Google for Dreamstime and my name threw up a site unknown to me where I found a photograph of mine in use. This site also displays pictures of the city of Lausanne in Switzerland... More
  • No sales in Jan.

    by Cooper5022 | 29th of January, 2010

    Ouch!. Nearly the end of Jan and zero sales so far. I hope the rest of 2010 is going to pick up. As a relative newbie any suggestions would be welcomed on how/where to promote my nature pics. Anyone else experiencing a slow month or is it just me. More
  • Beginning time on DT. What are yours sales here??

    by Mustang79 | 28th of January, 2010

    I joined DT about 6 monts ago but wasn't use it untill last month. I was focused on different stock websites and lerned a lot in half of last year. Anyway I have a lot - mostly landscape pictures, and they are accepted with no problem here. I uploaded 100 picture in January... More
  • I Want it. Can I Get it?

    by Komar | 28th of January, 2010

    This is my 199th sale. It's already my best month in terms of downloads, but I need just one more to score my double ton (cricket terminology). Can I get it before the end of the month? Come on buyers take a look through the best portfolio on Dreamstime ;-) (you gotta... More
  • Finally 500

    by Fultonsphoto | 27th of January, 2010

    Well I have done it, finally I have 500 images uploaded to DT, now I can start feeling like I have made it to part of the exclusive club where my PF can be competitive (if only in numbers). This is not to say that I will remain on 500, its just a personal belief that now... More

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