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  • How This Buyer Searches

    by Reberman | 21st of September, 2013

    If there is one overall deficiency from photographers it is definitely keywords. I am primarily looking for images of different soups. The first thing I do is to define the basic soup from its appearance. As an example, let's assume I want a picture of a pumpkin soup that... More
  • An Eye For The Extraordinary

    by Annaica | 5th of January, 2012

    Are you the type who is always searching for typical images in our ordinary day to day life? Like an apple or a computer or maybe even an insect or a building? Or are you the type who seeks the rarities in life that we're lucky to witness? I often find myself looking for... More
  • Extension of: How to search your own portfolio

    by Lostarts | 8th of November, 2011

    This blog is an extension of the very useful one posted by Brett Critchley: "How to search your own portfolio....... ". His blog sparked thoughts about more ways to use the Advanced Search feature for checking my keywords. Here is what I did. I followed Bret's instructions... More
  • Searching in vain

    by Joezachs | 23rd of May, 2011

    I intended to buy some pictures for my external blog and wrote about how I intended to buy it in the Dreamstime message board. To make the message more colourful and illustrative in the above thread, I searched DT for a picture of two people exchanging pictures (or anything)... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - This Week in Ridiculous Stock Photos

    by Hatcheckgirl | 1st of May, 2011

    I wanted to share a funny feature that I ran across recently called "This Week in Ridiculous Stock Photos". We all know that there are trends in stock photography - well, someone has decided to have some fun with that and the results are pretty hilarious. How many times... More
  • Tips for buyers...

    by Bradcalkins | 11th of April, 2011

    I usually write blogs for the benefit of other photographers, but here is one for the buyers :) Basically, in trying to find my own images and how they rank in the results I've learned a few tricks to find things. 1. Advanced search, aka the 'Dreamfinder' ! In case you... More
  • Collections

    by Guarino | 20th of February, 2011

    please someone coukd tell me as I could found the image collections(i.e. i wish to see what collections of images are on DT). for example, I know that this mine image is in a collection and I wish see that collection thank you :) See Article
  • The Practical Keyworder – Visual tools for Visual people

    by Hatcheckgirl | 15th of November, 2010

    The Practical Keyworder – Visual tools for Visual people What is the difference between cataloging your images and just randomly tagging them with keywords? The answer can be found in the definition of cataloging itself – Cataloguing uses langauage (words) to describe... More
  • Finding your images on internet

    by Alexhor | 8th of November, 2010

    At the beginning, I just want to put a disclaimer that this is not sponsored article and I don't have any interest relations with the software creator or their business. Just want to share my discovery to those who didn't know about it. Many of us would like to know how... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Microstock and the 'Stream of Content-ness'

    by Hatcheckgirl | 23rd of August, 2010

    The Practical Keyworder - Microstock and the 'Stream of Content-ness' There has been a lot of talk on this site and elsewhere about the end of stock photography as we know it - even the end of microstock, which, not too long ago, was the wave of the future and the very... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Let's Play a Game!

    by Hatcheckgirl | 22nd of July, 2010

    The Practical Keyworder - Let's Play a Game! We talked earlier about how there is no one "correct" way of keywording (The Practical Keyworder - The Mind of the User). There is a wrong way to keyword of course - using lots of irrelevant and spammy keywords is not only wrong,... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Deep Search

    by Hatcheckgirl | 14th of June, 2010

    Images are not made of words, but words are the only means by which we can organize, identify and find images. I've often wished that I could translate the look and feel of an image that I am searching for into something besides words - is it possible to search by painting... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Babies and Baby Tomatoes

    by Hatcheckgirl | 26th of April, 2010

    The Practical Keyworder - Babies and Baby Tomatoes First let me say one thing - there is no such thing as "bad" keywording or bad keywords. Keywords are only bad if they do not optimize your search results for the unique search engine that is retrieving your images for... More
  • Is keywording a self-fulfilling prophecy?

    by Bradcalkins | 19th of April, 2010

    I see a lot of people with different takes on keywording (me included!) and I can't help but wonder if it isn't a self-fulfilling prophecy. Consider two very different approaches to keywording, along with my take on what the results would be: 1. Relevancy is the goal:... More
  • Desperately seeking me...

    by Shadow69 | 16th of October, 2009

    ...Or rather my pictures. When I started uploading to Dreamstime… just the fact that my pictures were displayed on the agency website was a thrill. Kind of weird, considering that the pictures were always available to me on my hard drives anyway. Nonetheless, there was... More
  • Searching my memories database

    by Arsenestefania | 15th of January, 2009

    My memories as a human being start with me with blue socks and a very big and creamy stuff over my knees. I could'n find here a photo with a blonde, blue eyes girl with a birthday cake on her knees and since I'm not allowed to scan mine, I've used one with a 2 years birthday... More
  • Picture downloaded with n/a

    by Billysiew | 30th of July, 2008

    I got quite a lot of pictures has been downloaded with n/a. This means people just some how browse my portfolio and they like my picture, then downloaded it without searching. Am I right? I will be more interested on how people find my portfolio, here I can think about... More
  • My little gold fish and the searcing's amazing ways!

    by Ejla | 10th of February, 2008

    I have a friend at work...actually she retired at the end of the 2007th. She was a person that first wanted to sign for me a model release, and I've sold some of her photos, and I'm very grateful to her. Last week I've sold a photo with her...the amazing thing is that... More
  • Making Hot Pictures

    by Espion | 23rd of October, 2007

    No, no I don't mean making a sure commercial hit. I was referring to making still life pictures of Habanero chilies. I realised no two chilies are the same. It is almost like photographing people, where you try to eke out the essence, or part thereof, that is the... More
  • Hunt for your own photos on the net.

    by Sebcz | 25th of September, 2007

    Every contributor here on DT wants to know how and where his/her photos were used. There is even a special thread on the Message Boards (DT in action) Because I've just discovered one of my images being used in an article, I posted a thread there too. First have a read... More

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