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  • to learn more at TD

    by Tianshun | 2nd of June, 2008

    I am a photographer, at least I believe I am, even not so good, I have my own camera 20 years ago, and 15 years ago I have my first SLR camera, just for fun, never publish my foto and let them change to money. my real job is aircraft driving, yes I'm a airlinese pilot,... More
  • Chicago - Lake Point Tower

    by Qing02051981 | 29th of May, 2008

    Chicago is famous for its unique architectures. Does this tower looks like a container for alcohol. This is Lake Point Tower. There are a total of 68 stories. See Article
  • Beautiful flower

    by J6789 | 27th of May, 2008

    This picture is very interesting: the blue sky and white clouds, and the sun shining in green flowers, show a vitality. See Article
  • Flying mood

    by J6789 | 12th of May, 2008

    Flying mood Life is always busy in spending, many people are too busy to take into account the scenery around. In fact, whether you work at the time, or in leisure time, who might be good scenery. As long as you pay attention, you bring to the landscape will be relaxed... More
  • Nice surprise today

    by Sil63 | 1st of May, 2008

    I found two of my pics were Editors' Choice today :) What a nice surprise! Blue gate on beach was shot while at the beach. I had to apply many levels adjustments and some dodging and burning to make the sky look dramatic and at the same time have the gate not sink in total... More
  • I want to fly in the sky.

    by Fjord | 24th of April, 2008

    Everytime I go to take the photo of birds flying in the sky, I have the thought of flying in the sky. The blue sky and the feeling of free makes me forget the unhappy thing in my life. Sometimes I will imagine I am a bird or a angle, so I like to watch the birds fly.... More
  • Adding a dramatic sunrise background

    by Gary718 | 7th of April, 2008

    I tried to cutout some interesting subjects and add them to a dramatic sunrise background. How am I doing? I really appreciate any comment/critique. Thanks! See Article
  • Beautiful grassland trip

    by Mbr555 | 4th of April, 2008

    Inner Mongolia has long been on this vast land has always been a mysterious feeling that the prairie is also a kind of mysterious feeling. In my young, the awareness of grassland from textbook from the film from the legends of the past. Imagine grassland Baiyunpiao sky is... More
  • Surprising aerial view

    by Indos82 | 4th of April, 2008

    Hi I would like to show you very interesting photos made of a plane window. These are two photos which show you behaviour of clouds before a thunder-storm! Very beautifully. I never saw such. See Article
  • Panoramas, and Why the Polarizer Is Not Your Friend

    by Charlesoutcalt | 17th of March, 2008

    What could be more natural than using a circular polarizer on a sunny day with a few clouds? What better way to bring some definition to those clouds, intensify the colors without introducing weird PhotoShop-y elements, and darken up that sky? And, if you're intending to... More
  • God given rays

    by Fertographer | 11th of March, 2008

    I'm happy that finally one of my picture has reached level 3. A first in fact. Those level 4 pictures were assignment pictures and this God's Ray picture is a hard earned effort. I wonder though, what designers might be interested in using this picture. Anyone care... More
  • Wide Angle - Olympus user?

    by Cleaper | 4th of March, 2008

    I absolutely love taking landscape photographs but I feel that i would benefit from a wide angle lens. I am currently using an Olympus e-400 with the supplied kit lenses, which are great but not exactly wide angle. The two lenses I have been looking into are the 7-14mm... More
  • My 100 Uploads! ......101.....102....

    by Sekdo | 28th of February, 2008

    My first one hundred photos uploaded to Dreamstime! how can I say!..so happy :)))) Dreamstime thanks for the choice of my photos! ^_^ See Article
  • After sunset

    by Eprom | 27th of February, 2008

    After sunset, what can you see? the streetlight in the city? light in the building? light of the car?... How about the star in the sky? In the big city, can you see the brightness star? maybe not, at least in the big city of China. It is time to take a break, to have a... More
  • Fixing Noisy Skies in Photo Editing Software

    by Kropewnicki | 26th of February, 2008

    This image was taken on a a very bright day at 800 iso. The sky looked very noisy. I found a simple trick for noisy skies, just select the entire sky and use Noise/Median (2-3) pixels to smooth out the jaggies. See Article
  • The nuraghe

    by Sekdo | 20th of February, 2008

    The Nuraghe, a typical sardinian monument. The first nuraghes were built around 1500/1600 BC. The scholars believe that today there are around 7000 nuraghes in Sardinia, but once they were more than 30,000. As you can see from my pictures, these buildings are usually... More
  • Lots of potential stock photo opportunities in DC

    by Hobbes187 | 19th of December, 2007

    I just returned from Washington DC 2 weeks ago and it was a great trip... In DC, there is a law passed from long ago that buildings cannot be taller than a specified height. Coupled with the fact that there are no heavy industries around the area, the sky is perfect for... More
  • Sky and clouds....

    by Torie508 | 20th of October, 2007

    I don't know about you, but I love taking pictures of the sky and clouds. It is a powerful and pretty part of nature. I haven't taken a bunch, but I have seen some very, very nice ones here on dreamstime. Anyway, clouds and skies make great backdrops for other subjects, whether... More
  • For a Newbie

    by Avion49 | 16th of September, 2007

    In keeping with the spirit of others, I decided to also download a shot from a newbie. I chose this shot for it's outstanding colors and clearness. Besides, it's Philly! I was raised just outside of Philly! See Article
  • Cross-country bike series.

    by Sebcz | 5th of September, 2007

    My friend, Pawel, enabled a nice photo session opportunity: He and his motorbike in action. First, we went to a nearby forest to do some rides and shots, then to the sea. We were lucky to have a nice sky, although I needed to make some Photoshop processing sometimes - layers... More

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