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  • 600!

    by Fcarucci | 6th of April, 2010

    Images online. Thanks everyone :) See Article
  • BME (Best Month Ever)

    by Katn1999 | 1st of April, 2010

    Hi everyone! March was an incredible month for me! I uploaded more photos in one month than ever before, I had the highest revenue of any previous month (although I only tied the previous month for highest sales), I increased my acceptance rate an entire level (allowing... More
  • 1st Paycheck!

    by Jeniicorv8 | 30th of March, 2010

    Today, I can officially draw my first payout from Dreamstime. I can’t believe it. Six months ago, it was just a let-me-see-what-happens and a why-not, fun thing to do. Then, it became a challenge when a few pictures were accepted but a lot were rejected. Then, the first... More
  • Thanks

    by Cristalloid | 30th of March, 2010

    A hearty thanks to all buyers of my images! YOU let me coming closer to one of my goals for this year, my first 100$ earnings! See Article
  • And Miles to go.....

    by Matabraham | 25th of March, 2010

    A hot and humid day, a dead cellphone in the midst of busy travel,late late journey back home and rushing to send a mail to a dear friend before his birthday is over!...well quite a happening day, but the topping was when i opened my DT account- my first year completed at... More
  • First sold

    by Yogiproductions | 23rd of March, 2010

    I am new around this website, and i wasnt expecting to sell any pictures until i got an acceptable amount of pictures. Now i was trying to find the person who bought my first picture, but i presume there is no way to do it... But if you are there...You are a STAR and you... More
  • waiting for 1000

    by Dabobabo | 19th of March, 2010

    Hi, waiting my 1000 download here on Dt I'm wondering about what really is fresh..I'm talking about images and illustration of course and today I sold that one called "Gossip girl" uploaded in 2007..and it look so contemporary..strange thing. So I'm wondering if our ideas... More
  • Eco Friendly Option is my First Download

    by Morphers82 | 12th of March, 2010

    Hello Again from Minnesota. So yesterday I was online and happened to look at my sales, not expecting to see any downloads. Low and behold i got my first sale on my Macro shot of some bamboo flooring that I shot specifically as a stock image to upload to dreamstime just... More
  • Quite Happy

    by smartview27 | 10th of March, 2010

    Today, I am QUITE HAPPY!! I exceeded the limit of $100. So, it's my first payment from Dreamstime! This image helped me: ... Thanks to all DT team, clients and partners! See Article
  • First 100 uploads!!

    by Cassie08 | 25th of February, 2010

    Hi Everyone! This is my first ever blog! I have made it to 100 uploads! So I wanted to share that with everyone and to also thank everyone! I have really enjoyed my time with Dreamstime so far and learnt alot in a short space of time! I only wish that there were more... More
  • i can't believe that

    by Sylvaindeutsch | 25th of February, 2010

    i got a fourth picture in a level 2. it's amazing, i never thought that i could sell like that, i'm so happy. big thanks to all. See Article
  • Reached $2000 Today!!!

    by Retina2020 | 24th of February, 2010

    I thought this day will never come but finally today I've reached $2000 and I'm so happy. I've been a member at Dreamstime since October 29, 2007 and have seen many blogs of members reaching this milestone. These blogs have always been very encouraging for me so I'm writing... More
  • happy day

    by Digitalreflections | 23rd of February, 2010

    I have reached 100 files online! It was a long and sometimes difficult road but with the help of friends and fellow DT contributors,it was well worth the effort. For those of you just starting out,stay patient and your day will come. Thanks again for all those who made this... More
  • one year on dreamstime!

    by Sylvaindeutsch | 19th of February, 2010

    in february it's one year i'm on dreamstime, thank you all, this web site is wonderful. i hope i'll do many more sales on the future! See Article
  • 100 UPLOADS !!!!

    by Jonvitalija | 18th of February, 2010

    O-HOO !!!! I DID IT !!! 100 Uploads!!! I started to be with dreamstime on August and I though it ll take me ages to get 100 uploads, now I did it! I just want to share my Hapiness with all you guys. You been helping me a lots. Your blogs are been very helpful... More
  • Thanks to your tip and tricks I've done my first isolated pictures

    by Trottola | 18th of February, 2010

    Hello every one, I begun publishing few images last year, but I didn' much. I wasn't sure I could get results with my compact camera. So, I did some illutrations. One of these has been downloaded very soon, but just one time. And It's my only download for the moment... More
  • Finally, upload 100 pictures

    by Nicophaser | 27th of January, 2010

    I joined the DT has been eight months, I finally uploaded a few of the more than 100.Of course, the middle four months does not upload an image. However, I firmly believe that, picture library is a need to adhere to do so do.Before I just put my previous photographs pass... More
  • Featured Contributor

    by Goldenkb | 19th of January, 2010

    With so many great portfolios out there, I’ve wondered how someone gets chosen as a Featured Contributor. Must all be friends or relatives of the editors, or someone who knows someone higher up, or maybe it’s only for the exclusive contributors since they only care... More
  • My new Dreamstime family, thank to Matt

    by Ospictures | 8th of January, 2010

    Hi! My name is Olga. I just read a blog of my friend Matt (Tan510jomast) "dancing for joy floating on a cloud FIRST PAYOUT" . This was very light and optimistic, sunny. So I got motivated to finally write my own blog and introduce myself. English is not my mother tongue,... More
  • 500th download

    by Fcarucci | 15th of December, 2009

    Thanks! See Article

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