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  • New user

    by Pywacet | 17th of January, 2008

    I am very new to dreamstime. I am enjoying the free photos and photos for purchase. I think the price is reasonable and great for both professionals and students. At this time I am in my second to last semester in art school. I have been studying Graphic Design at The... More
  • Download #500

    by Djapeman | 10th of January, 2008

    Hello everyone! This is my first article here, and that is because I waited for something special to write about it... OK, maybe 500 dls isn't so special, but at least this was a little push for me to write this :P So, this is the #500 dl image: or maybe it was... More
  • Reliving the momment

    by Dcwcreations | 6th of January, 2008

    One of the many benifits of taking and looking at photos is that it helps us relive the momment. Now that it's the dead of winter and I look at this tropical photo I remember it like it was yesterday. The warm sea air, the beauty of the water and the nice surprise when... More
  • A tip to help say goodbye to bygone bibelots!

    by Loveliestdreams | 21st of December, 2007

    When it's time to clean out vintage clutter, take a picture, then say bon voyage! Some things sit in storage for years, and seem so precious when we take them out to relive the memories once in a blue moon. I regret getting rid of some things that I held on to for so... More
  • HDR

    by Davidwattsjr | 12th of December, 2007

    Tatar recently posted about HDR (high dynamic range) photography. I'd like to see more discussion of this technique, what works and what doesn't. I thought I'd try to get the ball rolling with a few samples of what I think are well-done HDR photos. - beautiful view... More
  • Time is Relative

    by Espion | 29th of November, 2007

    Yeah! I finally got an image accepted for Assignment! This image was created via layering multiple exposures of a clock ticking, with each shot taken 1 sec apart, coinciding exactly with the second hand arriving at the mark. These multiple images were then layered in... More
  • Photos for my web projects

    by Leisadc | 27th of November, 2007

    Being an internet marketing specialist for 12 years I realize the significant importance of great images like the one below. In any project that is given to me I know I will find exactly what I need here at Dreamstime. Thanks photogs for supplying Dreamstime with great... More
  • Simple Stock Photo Collage Using Photoshop

    by Ronster | 22nd of November, 2007

    I designed a simple website header at the request of one of my clients using 4 Dreamstime stock photos and merging them into a collage. The entire finished graphic took only 40 minutes to complete using my photoshop cs2 software. View my work here if you like.... More
  • My dreams

    by Oleksandrvorokh | 20th of November, 2007

    Hello, my dears! When I visited dreamstime first, I recognized, that there was a lot of beautiful photos from all the world. I have a dream to allocate best of them on my site. It will be photos from the places, which I'm going to visit first of all. The'll remind me about... More
  • Great blogs about Photoshop!

    by Nightangel666 | 16th of November, 2007

    You can see some great tutorials there : Handy tutorials For those who don't know about Photoshop, it's a really useful program to help you modify your photos or make lovely illustrations like those : edited by admin- moved images to the top -... More
  • Prosperity

    by Espion | 5th of November, 2007

    Oh well, not really. :-) This blog is simply to illustrate what I blogged earlier on Better Colour via Black and White. In this instance the Black and White was created using Calculations, namely using the Green and Blue channels, in that order, and blending them using... More
  • 6 hours and 2GB

    by Ejla | 1st of November, 2007

    To celebrate my (finally) 200th download I'll tell you the unusal story thathappened to me yesterday. In the middle of august I was traveling from my vacation with my youngest child, alone, driving for cca. 500 km...and that makes me nervous and the worst thing sleepy.... More
  • What a film camera teaches you about photography.

    by Asiavasmuncky | 29th of October, 2007

    Believe me, it teaches you everything that a digital camera never will. Don't get me wrong; I am a huge fan of DSLRs and Photoshop but I admit that I would never learn to compose a photograph if it weren't for a film camera. Using a DSLR and Photoshop (or other software)... More
  • So what is a photo anyway?

    by Glasseyestock | 29th of October, 2007

    Ok so most photographers know and understand the basics of what makes a decent photograph right? Some skill, a decent camera and equipment, a decent Lense, good ligthing a good subject, and of course a concept or purpose for the picture, be it for private or professional... More
  • taking risks and erring on the side of caution with photo shop

    by Denisebeverly | 27th of October, 2007

    if i had written this last week like i planned it would be all about taking risks with my post processing. being a little more aggressive, not being afraid of pushing saturation and contrast just a bit. finally getting some isolated shots that i was proud of, because i... More
  • Useful photoshop shortcuts Part 3 ( Edit)

    by One8edegre | 24th of October, 2007

    Edit ===========================Alt+E Clear (selection) ---------------------------Delete / Backspace Color Settings ------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+K Copy ----------------------------------------Ctrl+C Cut ------------------------------------------Ctrl+X... More
  • A tutorial to apply easily and fastly a tattoo on skin (Photoshop)

    by Nightangel666 | 23rd of October, 2007

    You can see this wonderful tutorial here : It is indeed really helpful to totally change the mood of a photograph. See Article
  • More on Natural Masks

    by Espion | 19th of October, 2007

    Earlier I mentioned this topic. I just like to add a few more ideas. This is applicable for processing of landscape scenes particularly for sunsets. At sunset the colour balance is rather complex. The shadows tend to be cold and the highlights, warm. (It is the... More
  • Useful Photoshop shortcuts Part 2 ( Tools)

    by One8edegre | 17th of October, 2007

    Path / Direct Selection Tool -----------------------------A Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement Tool----------------B Crop Tool -------------------------------------------------C Default Colors --------------------------------------------D Eraser Tool -----------------... More
  • Trick or Treat

    by Bsilvia | 17th of October, 2007

    There is like almost a two weeks until Halloween. So, I've created "Trick or Treat tote bag" using my own Photoshop brushes. Photoshop brushes can be downloaded here and commercial usage is allowed just check commercial use of brushes info More

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