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  • Page Structure and Tags: What Does it Mean for Your Website?

    by Jsternig | 27th of July, 2010

    In our continuing series on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one element of SEO that people often overlook is the structure of a page and the underlying code being used for that page. Not only is important for the visual appeal of your viewers, but it can make a big difference... More
  • SEO 101: Page Titles and Meta Elements

    by Jsternig | 20th of July, 2010

    In our ongoing series on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we’ve covered almost everything that you can actually see on the page and how it impacts SEO. We’ve gone over the development of keywords and content and choosing the most effective domain name and URL structure.... More
  • Have a Portfolio Site? Increase Your Traffic

    by Jsternig | 13th of July, 2010

    Last week I posted an article about the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and some of the things that you can do to increase the ranking of your own site to get it noticed. With lots of well-received feedback and an engaging discussion as it relates to you as photographers,... More
  • Have a Personal Photography Site? Tips to Get it Noticed.

    by Jsternig | 6th of July, 2010

    As a photographer myself with a website of my own, I spent a lot of time trying to get my work to appear in the top results of search engines. Perhaps you've heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but don't understand what it's about. Perhaps you've never taken the time... More
  • Photos in use

    by Justmeyo | 27th of May, 2010

    I found many photos of mine on different websites or magazines till now,few of them in my area.Last year one of a big company of mobile phone from Romania used a photo of mine and i was very happy. Sometime i receive calls from friends or family to tell me to buy a magazine... More
  • A new collection...

    by Mariaam | 15th of May, 2010

    Hello, friends! I have created a new collection: "Website Icons & Buttons" I hope you like it!? If you have an image with buttons and icons, I would like to add it to this collection. Just leave the ID number in the comment! Have a nice weekend everybody!... More
  • creating a website

    by Cassie08 | 16th of April, 2010

    Hi Everyone! After a good few months ummmming and arrrghing about whether to make a website or not I finally did!! I made it using iweb and i have to say it is a really easy program to work with especially if you don't know anything about web design like myself! I... More
  • 32 Cool Website Templates

    by Maigi | 11th of March, 2010

    There is no special web design category on Dreamstime, but there are many talented artists, who upload professional website and printed media templates, business card templates and so on. If a web designer wants to buy a template for a web site on Dreamstime, he can do... More
  • Pixmac

    by Charlydamart | 2nd of March, 2010

    Hi to all! I have found a new page on stock photography: www.********.com I don't know if it is real, but there you can see some of your pictures... I guess it's real, because it say "powered by dreamstime". I think it's a good idea to increase the dreamstime... More
  • My new website - will it work on Mac?

    by Xalanx | 15th of February, 2010

    Hello everyone, I have set up my new website, at www.catalinpetolea.com I am not sure if it works on Mac, and I can't test it. Can you boys and girls give me some feedback? Much appreciated. Catalin. More
  • Found image in use

    by Njnightsky | 8th of February, 2010

    I have not found many of my images being used but I stumbled on this page today. Here is the image of a meteor they used. How stuff works Not sure if I like the fact that it looks like that my meteor made everyone sick in Peru :o). More
  • Find Me Everywhere

    by Moonb007 | 26th of January, 2010

    So now the the internet is full of great nooks and cranny's I wanted to share some of the places you can find info about me and my work. Facebook Fan Page Personal Website Personal Blog Twitter JPG Mag And of course right here at my favorite stock website... More
  • Your Websites

    by Cooper5022 | 10th of January, 2010

    I now have many quality nature images, that I would like to get more exposure and create my own website. How did you go about deciding where to have it hosted? Do you have any specific key learnings for me that would speed up my learning curve. I would really appreciate... More
  • Another way to promote our portfolio

    by Charlydamart | 10th of November, 2009

    Nowadays most of us have a web site or a blog on line sure. And I'm always thinking how to use it to promote the DT site and my own portfolio. I think that a great way to promote would be an images presentation (as power point or as a dinamic flash banner). I have looked... More
  • Off Topic: Free Website Submission In My Directory

    by Ptoone | 23rd of October, 2009

    Hello Fellow DT Members, Today I am writing this blog to inform you of my free website directory. Get a permanent Google back-link in seconds and increase your search engine page rank! xchange.thexyz.org - Website Submission Directory Index Free, fast and simple website... More
  • Off Topic: My New PTC Money-Making Website

    by Ptoone | 3rd of October, 2009

    After recently updating my web design skills, I have put them to good use in creating my own paid-to-click advertising site. As well as paid advertising service the site has a $50 jackpot lottery! Having use of my stock portfolio helped with branding the site. It only opened... More
  • Create a collection... What's next?!

    by Mani33 | 26th of September, 2009

    Hello everyone, just thought of sharing this with you... Normally we visit sites everyday and of course we are expecting an update, other wise we will not visit it frequently and maybe by time we will stop visiting it! That goes also on your collections as well! If... More
  • New Website Update

    by Ptoone | 16th of September, 2009

    Right in the middle of updating my html/css website recently, I decided to go down a different path and create a php cms (content management system) wordpress blog. With my own custom css design. I was never trained in web design but I took to html quite well so I thought... More
  • Why You Should Use Flash For Your Web Audio

    by Rogerweavers | 23rd of July, 2009

    There are a number of different ways to add audio to your web site. Some can be a bit hit and miss and others can work out just plain expensive. So what is a quick and easy way to add audio to your web site without breaking the bank? You have probably guessed from the... More
  • Just need some feedback "VERY IMP & URGENT"

    by Creativei | 8th of July, 2009

    Hello all photographers here, I have just designed a photo website for one of the client, its not released yet, but I would like to get feedback from fellow photographers about this site. If anything to be included or removed, please provide your valuable suggestion, good... More

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