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  • Source of inspiration for food photographers

    by Tanyae | 2nd of July, 2009

    For those of us who are keen on food photography, work of Lou Manna, famous NY photographer, is the great source of inspiration without doubt. On his website you'll find two galleries with fantastic colorful food images (great lighting and closeup!), as well as a blog... More
  • My photo of a dress is in use on a website!

    by Palabra | 20th of May, 2009

    Today it was the first time I saw one of my photos in use on a website. That is such a great feeling. The people who bought it, where so kind to write a comment to me on where they planned to use the photo. It took them some time to finalize their website. And now I took... More
  • My New Website

    by Thefinalmiracle | 27th of March, 2009

    After a lot of years and patience, I finally launched a website for my photography profession. Believe it or not... it still doesn't have a gallery. Lol. The problem is the time taken up by daily uploads doesn't leave me with any time for sorting or creating links from my... More
  • My website

    by Xalanx | 24th of February, 2009

    I ran into blogs or forum posts of photographers that opened their own website all the time, lately. So I thought "yea, why not, after all?" and here I am, buying a domain and hosting package at bluehost dot com. The result is right HERE. I haven't finished it... More
  • Be wary of Facebook...

    by Southernstar71 | 16th of February, 2009

    You probably heard about it already, but just in case... On Feb. 4th, Facebook changed their terms of service (without telling anyone, because their terms of service give them the right to do so). Basically, the biggest change is that whatever content is uploaded to... More
  • How important is a website for a dreamstime contributor

    by Aitan75 | 16th of January, 2009

    Since 13/01/2009 is online my new website: www.ferraragaetano.it. It's in italian but I'm translating in english; for the next weeks it can be ready in two languages. I decided to build one to advertise my dreamstime works because my sellings do not increase with normal... More
  • Create your own website for free - part 2

    by Eclecticelegance | 15th of January, 2009

    So, you've already chosen where to host your website, selected a template, and written most of the content. (To see my previous blog on setting up a free website, click HERE.) There are several things that you can add to your website's content or to track your website'... More
  • Create your own website for free - part 1

    by Eclecticelegance | 13th of January, 2009

    A website is an important way for a photographer to become known and to display his or her portfolio, but paying for website design and maintenance a website can be expensive. And although there are several free hosting options available, most of them put very ANNOYING... More
  • Giving it all away...

    by Southernstar71 | 31st of October, 2008

    Sometimes the contradictions of the modern world startle me, and this is especially true when it comes to social websites like Facebook and MySpace (and, to a lesser extent, Flickr). Quite why some people feel the urge to tell the whole planet minute details of their lives... More
  • Yeees, I did it !!!

    by Littledesire | 12th of October, 2008

    I'm sooooo happy right now !!! I did it! I have my own website! And I did it all by my self! I'm visiting web design lessons and here is the result: my site It's not too much BUT for me (as a beginner) it's GREAT! It's not finished yet but I'm working on it and I think... More
  • Recruitment opportunities for designers

    by Litifeta | 11th of August, 2008

    Regardless of what the market looks like, the recruitment industry seems to continue to do well. Yesterday in Australia, there was a program on about the worldwide shortage of traffic controllers. You know, the stop and go man, or the lollipop lady. Apparently these people... More
  • When you can’t afford a real billboard

    by Litifeta | 25th of July, 2008

    Scrolling through a billboard company’s website I was astounded at the price of hiring a bit of space to advertise a product. Installation alone was $1000 and that did not include the artwork! A lonely old road in the back of nowhere at around 6 metres by 3 metres of... More
  • My New Photography Website! And My First DT Blog!

    by Kenhurst | 12th of July, 2008

    I'm excited to announce my new website at Ken Hurst Photography and it's also my first website with my own domain name! And of course it has images such as these below that are available here on Dreamstime. I created it with iWeb and the wonderful (and free) slideshow... More
  • Useful Resources

    by Bradcalkins | 28th of June, 2008

    I thought I would compile a list of things that helped me get more serious about digital photography: For all things about off-camera flash: Strobist The Original Lighting 101 on Strobist Training: Kelby Training Training, Techniques and lots of Q&A:... More
  • Online Free Lessons of Photography and Photoshop

    by Ligio | 17th of May, 2008

    Hi! I found a really interesting website of a Canon professionist photographer from Italy: Juza. The website is also in english language, and here you can read about lessons of photography, Post Processing with Photoshop, Equipment And Technique... Really useful website!... More
  • Are giraffes better artists than elephants?

    by Anatomyofrockthe | 23rd of April, 2008

    Compelling pro-giraffe info at my Web Gallery site: http://www.killpopstudio.com/ar (here) Or take a look at my dreamstime gallery and judge for yourself. - Aaron Rutten (anatomyofrockthe) More
  • Web or Blog? Or Both?

    by Niagaragirl | 9th of April, 2008

    To use a website or blog to promote your personal interests or photo business is a personal choice. Back in the Internet Days of Yore, I began building websites to play around with the new and wonderful technology. And the questions from friends came. Oh, can you do one for... More
  • My own website

    by Avarvaridaniel | 15th of March, 2008

  • Download #500

    by Djapeman | 10th of January, 2008

    Hello everyone! This is my first article here, and that is because I waited for something special to write about it... OK, maybe 500 dls isn't so special, but at least this was a little push for me to write this :P So, this is the #500 dl image: or maybe it was... More
  • Illustrator Tutorial

    by Nicemonkey | 9th of January, 2008

    I have just put some Illustrator tutorial on my website for anyone that is interested. I am currently working on a beginners guide to getting started in Illustrator and that should be online within the week. Illustrator Tutorial Also on my blog I have a review of the... More

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