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  • Vector files

    by Jalama1 | 15th of October, 2009

    I have recently discovered Inkscape and have been playing with it, so far I like it. What I am learning: 1. I use Inkscape it’s easy to use and free!! (Starving student here) 2. Use Layers! I break down a drawing into areas and assign several layers to each. For example:... More
  • Tribute To Illustrators

    by Conceptualcreations | 28th of August, 2009

    As a photographer, I love to see my work used commercially. However, there are many places a photograph will not work. This is where the illustrator plays an important role. I do want to make it clear that I am not an illustrator. I took a drawing class once and progressed... More
  • Question about Exclusive

    by Amikphoto | 11th of August, 2009

    I'm thinking of Exclusive selling. I never added exclusive photos on dreamtimes. Do you think it's good way for enlarge sales? Now my sales are on the beginning. 1 photo per 2 days. But my sales are growing. What do u think about it? My best sales More
  • Are High View Counts an Indicator of Success?

    by Kcphotos | 3rd of June, 2009

    There have been several message board threads and discussions regarding views. At the moment, there is one fairly intense discussion ongoing because of a change in the way Dreamstime counts views. One of the arguments is that views are important for beginners as an indicator... More
  • We love tattoos!

    by Wingnutdesigns | 26th of April, 2009

    There's nothing I like more that drawing up some new tattoo designs. I already have a large collection in my portfolio and hope to add lots more very soon. Here's the highlights... More
  • Sports Drawings

    by Tianbin | 1st of April, 2009

    I saw many sports drawing but most of them are either too digital (looks like a button) or not have enough passion in them.. so i did my own ... :D Comments are most welcomed. More
  • Google Sketchup!

    by Eclecticelegance | 29th of December, 2008

    I have really been enjoying playing with Google's fun FREE 3D drawing program called Google Sketchup! You can go here to find out more about it: http://sketchup.google.com/ After you download it, you can watch instructional videos that explain the basics of the program.... More
  • All we were artists before

    by Mildegard | 21st of December, 2008

    You know, it's true. Remember yourself as a child - you were an artist, undoubtedly. You used to draw, to paint, to make applications, plasticine sculptures, etc... I wonded where all this go when most people grow up... All we were artists before. So maybe it would... More
  • What you can do with pencil drawn pictures

    by Mildegard | 16th of December, 2008

    Someone said that pencil in artwork is the same as piano in music. It's a base for everything. And for unknown reason I like it best of all. So as the black&white pictures and retro photos. When the only color is gray, nothing pushes your imagination, and you have more freedom... More
  • Finding Hidden Treasures

    by Lifesazoo | 3rd of December, 2008

    After I have reviewed my photographs from one of my photography outings I will burn a dvd with all the original files even if they are good or bad. I have several hundred DVDs which normally I do not go back through unless I need to for some reason. Well I decided to start... More
  • daughter's painting

    by Sleiselei | 13th of November, 2008

    These paintings made by my 6-year-old daughter. It is very lovely and fency. My daughter is very interested in drawing on. She has not specifically studied painting but I think she has the talent in this area. I will support her loving, My daughter's happiness is... More
  • Shooting editorial images on the Charles Regatta

    by Kropewnicki | 21st of October, 2008

    The head of the charles regatta in Boston is usually in late October over two days. a great vantage point for images is around the weeks footbridge. You can stand on the bridge and shoot the rowers as the pass underneath you Or you can stand on the shore line... More
  • here goes the olympic

    by Tianbin | 26th of August, 2008

    Waited 2 whole weeks to get these images approved .. and here goes the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game. Love the energy and the heat in the game and hence created these drawings.. but i think they came a bit late... One World, One Dream More
  • hand drawings

    by Tianbin | 16th of August, 2008

    Still like hand draw some clip arts, but looks like the style is not quite popular in DT... See Article
  • Growing Up Quickly

    by Lifesazoo | 31st of July, 2008

    On March 6th Skylar (A.K.A. Leanne) gave birth to 3 male Sumatran Tiger Cubs at the San Francisco Zoo. The father of the cubs is Bali (A.K.A. George). The public was told that we would not see the cubs for at least 3 or 4 months most likely but Skylar started bringing... More
  • Silhouette as expressive means of a drawing

    by Indos82 | 11th of April, 2008

    illustrators very much love black colour because it the main drawing colour and without it they cannot manage. Question: is the silhouette a shadow? Is that so? Not always. The silhouette is similar to an object shadow but falling shadows change depending on position and... More
  • Showing meat

    by Papuga2006 | 2nd of April, 2008

    For most of my friends and knowing me people, raw meat seems to be disgusting in simply way showed, red piece of some animal body on the plate, with white veins, bloody and wet. Yes it can really look disgusting when we put it this way, for me it is not a problem. I eat... More
  • Snowing in Spring

    by Cool79 | 20th of March, 2008

    It is almost Ester and the weather was great. There were some green grass growing, tree were burgeon, birds were singing and know everything is covering by snow. Can you believe that? I was hoping that Ester will be more like spring time, worm, sunny and happy but now it... More
  • Photos taken to the success of several principles

    by Zysc2008 | 22nd of February, 2008

    Photos taken to the success of several principles, and the original digital color faithful sharing! Make a fuss about photography is not to invite guests, as long as the move is not moving finger, He is a very complex tertiary skills! These are the following when I... More
  • Joining in

    by Florinf | 20th of February, 2008

    Hello everybody, As a designer I've been browsing and downloading images from stock sites. One day I've joined a free stock images site to contribute to the community that served me for some time. There have been 3 months since then, and I have over 30.000 downloads... More

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